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Federal retirees' cost-of-living increases set

Retired federal employees will receive a 1.4 percent cost-of-living increase in their pensions this winter.

Pentagon deploys massive personnel and pay system

The Defense Department has finished setting up a massive computer system to handle pay, benefits and personnel records for the more than 800,000 civilians that work for the department worldwide, according to Pentagon officials.

Where the bonuses are

Federal executives' bonuses hinge partly on what agency they work for.

New TSP computer system hits another delay

A new computer system that would give federal employees more control over their 401k-style Thrift Savings Plan accounts won’t be ready for a previously announced kickoff date in November, the TSP board announced Friday.

Nonprofit workers more motivated than federal employees

Employees in the nonprofit sector are more committed than federal employees to their jobs, according to a new study.

Locality pay game

How to win higher pay for the federal workers in your town.

OPM pushes for lower executive performance ratings

Too many federal executives are receiving top performance ratings and rewards, Office of Personnel Management Director Kay Coles James suggested in a recent letter to agency chiefs.

House approves TSP catch-up contributions

Federal workers age 50 and older would be able to contribute more money to their Thrift Savings Plan accounts each year, under a bill approved by the House Monday.