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Public service grows in appeal among young people

Young Americans are more interested in entering government service now than they were five years ago, according to a survey released Tuesday by the Council for Excellence in Government.

Pay raise sought to stem law enforcement exodus

Park Police and uniformed Secret Service agents would get a pay boost under a House bill introduced this week.

Relocation reality

Federal relocation benefits look good on paper, but many employees say they never get them.

Cafeteria benefit plans draw fire at hearing

A House subcommittee chairman pushed the idea of cafeteria-style benefit plans for federal employees at a hearing Tuesday, but labor leaders said the idea would simply shift costs from the government to workers.

SEC launches new pay system against union wishes

Employees and managers at the Securities and Exchange Commission will get pay raises of as much as 11 percent this week under a new pay system, but the SEC employees’ union isn’t happy about the new system.

New TSP system set for September

The $102 billion Thrift Savings Plan will have a new computer system in September that will update the value of federal workers’ and military personnel’s 401k-style retirement accounts every day, the TSP board announced Friday.

The small stuff

The latest little turns of the federal pay and benefits world.