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Pentagon limits executives’ pay raises

Separately, officials post 2007 pay tables for employees in new personnel system.

Getting Ready

A to-do list for those who are ready to get serious about planning for retirement.

FAA boosts pay cap ceilings again

Payband system leaves some longtime employees with smaller raises than less experienced workers.

Popularity Contest

Long-term care insurance isn’t as popular as new dental and vision plans, but employees may be wise to give it a second look.

International fund outperforms other TSP options for 2006

I Fund beats the second-highest earner in the retirement plan last year by more than 10 percentage points.

Federal employee trial periods at risk, MSPB warns

Two court cases have complicated the definition of which workers qualify for probationary terms, report says.

Looking Ahead

How will you be affected by retirement benefits changes looming for 2007?

Free Ride

The IRS raises the maximum transit subsidy to $110 a month in 2007, a nearly 5 percent increase over the 2006 level.

Bush issues order for 2.2 percent pay raise

Chances slim for Congress to grant a higher 2.7 percent raise retroactively.

Survey: TSP participants satisfied with plan

Large percentage of investors say they'd like to switch default option from G fund to life-cycle funds.