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TSP trials

Readers express frustration over the new TSP record keeping system and the lawsuit it sparked.

TSP settles lawsuit with contractor

The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board and a former contractor have settled a lawsuit over a botched effort to modernize the TSP’s computer system—leaving TSP participants footing a $36 million bill for the failed modernization contract.

Packin’ it in

Agencies can now use early outs when they need to realign their workforce.

Senate panel takes its turn at Pentagon personnel overhaul

The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee stepped into the fray Tuesday over plans to overhaul the Pentagon's management of some 730,000 civilian employees.

Agencies urged to cover flexible spending account fees

Federal employees have until the end of next week to sign up for new health care, child care and elder care benefits, the Office of Personnel Management has announced. The office is also urging federal agencies to pick up the administrative costs of the new benefits, rather than pass those costs on to employees.

TSP record-keeping system up and running, finally

The long-awaited modernized computer system for the 401k-style Thrift Savings Plan was up and running Monday afternoon, according to TSP board officials.

Know thyself

Agencies looking for personnel flexibilities should stop by OPM before heading to Capitol Hill.