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January a tough month for TSP returns

Stock funds post large losses amid uncertainty on Wall Street.

Winners and Losers

Will higher pay increases be enough to keep Defense employees under a new personnel system motivated?

OPM touts success of performance-based pay

New report analyzes series of systems covering more than 298,000 employees.

House members press for military-civilian pay parity

Bipartisan coalition urges President Bush to include equal pay raises in 2009 budget proposal.

Study: Ethical breaches becoming common in government

More than half of federal employees report witnessing misconduct.

VA urged to use advanced technology to cut backlog of benefit claims

Lawmaker suggests Veterans Benefits Administration turn to artificial intelligence tools.

Bush signs revised defense bill after concerns addressed about Iraq

Measure authorizes 3.5 percent pay raise for military service members.

Bush signs bill that sends unions back to bargaining table at Defense

Legislation restores collective bargaining and appeal rights for employees under the new Pentagon personnel system.

Air Force employee celebrates 60 years of federal service

Bettye Krieter, who started her federal career with the Veterans Administration in 1941, has no immediate plans to retire.

Proposed change to unfair labor practice mediation rules draws fire

Federal Labor Relations Authority says change would promote neutrality; union argues it would make mediation harder.