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Counting beans

The math behind why your paychecks don't always jibe with the General Schedule pay scale.

Administration seeks to raise SES pay cap

The Bush administration wants to raise a cap on federal executives’ salaries, administration officials said Friday.

Bush backs 2 percent raise; seeks performance pay fund

The Bush administration plans to give federal employees a 2 percent across-the-board pay raise in 2004, and create a new $500 million fund agencies can use to raise the salaries of high performers.


Exceptional employees need not fear pay-for-performance measures.

Senate backs omnibus spending bill with 4.1 percent raise

The Senate Thursday passed a $390 billion fiscal 2003 omnibus appropriations package that includes a 4.1 percent pay increase for civilian federal employees this year.

Pay flexibility

Government reform advocates say federal pay systems need some room to stretch.