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House panel backs civil service protections in homeland bill

The House Government Reform Committee has voted to ensure that federal employees slated to move into the proposed Department of Homeland Security retain civil ...

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Panel approves pay raise, rejects OMB job competition plan

A Senate Appropriations subcommittee approved a 4.1 percent pay raise for federal employees and voted to curb a White House plan to let private firms bid on ...

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Dem leaders grill administration officials on homeland department

House Democratic leaders pointedly questioned Bush administration officials Thursday about proposed changes to civil service rules in the bill to create a ...

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Trust and pay

Federal workers are skeptical about proposals to give managers more power over their pay. Managers aren’t sure they want that power either.

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Bush seeks employee support for homeland security reorganization

President Bush Wednesday asked federal employees to be patient and support his proposal for a Homeland Security Department, but did not directly address ...

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