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A 4.1 percent raise

The next steps for the 2003 federal pay increase.

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GOP seeks to broker deal on civil service issues in homeland bill

House Republicans are scrambling to reach a compromise with Democrats over the civil service rules that would govern the 170,000 employees of the proposed ...

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Army personnel continue to abuse government charge cards

Despite more than two years of congressional scrutiny and stiffer penalties, some Army employees continue to abuse government-issued travel and purchase cards, ...

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Administration defends request for waiver of civil service rules

OPM Director Kay Coles James urged Congress Tuesday to grant the secretary of the new Homeland Security Department broad freedom to waive civil service laws.

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House panel backs civil service protections in homeland bill

The House Government Reform Committee has voted to ensure that federal employees slated to move into the proposed Department of Homeland Security retain civil ...

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Panel approves pay raise, rejects OMB job competition plan

A Senate Appropriations subcommittee approved a 4.1 percent pay raise for federal employees and voted to curb a White House plan to let private firms bid on ...

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