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OPM seeks enhanced hearing benefits in federal health plan

Move would follow last year’s move by most FEHBP carriers to provide hearing benefits to children up to age 22.

Groundhog Day

The battle over pay parity between civilian employees and military members resumes.

Younger employees present challenge to information security, study shows

New generation of workers has more lax attitudes about technology than their older colleagues.

Panel urges new administration to go slow on pay reform

Government workforce gurus offer their two cents on federal pay scale, contracting.

TSP trading activity down, officials say

Proposed plan to limit interfund transfers is showing results.

Washington's workforce tends to downplay age to get ahead

Age-related stereotypes affect younger and older employees.

Telework pace picks up at National Science Foundation

More employees and managers favor working remotely, agency survey says.

Countdown to Retirement

A checklist for those who have set the date.

Lawmakers seek remedy for GAO pay reform

Legislation would restore raises to hundreds of agency employees.

GSA adjusts per diem rates in six states

Changes will apply to all government travel in affected areas March 17.