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Groups question TSP interfund transfer restrictions

Employee council probes alternatives to limiting participants’ number of trades per month.

House passes omnibus spending bill with 3.5 percent raise

Democrats back down on many spending priorities; Bush indicates he'll sign measure.

Catch-all funding bill includes pay parity, personnel provisions

Move follows authorization of equal increase for military service members.

TSP officials hear from participants on interfund restrictions

Some react negatively to a proposal to set a monthly limit on transfers, but officials are intent on moving forward.

Last-Minute Tips

A checklist for those about to move on to the next phase of their lives.

Job Corps kicks off YouTube recruiting campaign

Labor Department training program tailors advertising to students.

Performance Pay at VHA

The Veterans Health Administration is in the midst of a long-running effort to link employee pay raises to job performance.

Panel OKs pay hike for federal judges

Bill will now move to the full House for consideration.

Lawmakers urge Pentagon to weigh alternatives to furloughs

Military budgeting options could delay the need for layoffs until at least late March, a new report states.

Workforce bills slow to move through Congress

Legislation on a range of federal employee issues awaiting action by committees.