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Social Security chief calls eliminating backlog a ‘moral imperative’

Commissioner cites hiring more judges, congressional budget approval as key to reducing disability hearings backlog.

Telework measure clears workforce subcommittee

Bill requires that all agencies create telework polices and develop programs to train managers and employees to take advantage of teleworking opportunities.

OPM sets new funding mechanism for executive boards

Agency also issues more than 100 goals for improving hiring and benefits processes.

GAO: Federal workers’ compensation program mismanaged millions of dollars

Report says Labor’s poor management resulted in $13.3 million in improper payments in 2006.

Performance Pay Perils

A salary system for career executives might not be the model many had hoped it would be.

TSA extends whistleblower protections

Unions say agreement with Merit Systems Protection Board doesn’t go far enough.

Agencies urged to avoid generational stereotypes

Generation Y includes more than selfish slackers, officials at conference are told.

OPM launches electronic retirement system

Agency aims to improve quality of services to more than 3 million active federal employees.

Facing Disability

How your benefits and retirement can be affected if you become sick or injured.

Generation Gap

Don’t let stereotypes about young and older workers lead to flawed pay and benefits policy.