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Senators seek broader TSP outreach efforts

Board nominees urged to educate employees on weathering economic downturns and to increase enrollment of military service members.

Fair Trade

Members of the Thrift Savings Plan advisory council comment on new restrictions to interfund transfers.

Government slow to implement ID system

Witnesses at House hearing say agencies have distributed just 3 percent of new credentials and lack the technology to use them.

GAO to seek input from employees on changes to new pay system

Acting comptroller general says feedback is necessary to making the system "transparent and inclusive."

VA pay hurts recruiting of medical personnel, panel says

Lawmakers say problems associated with veterans’ care highlight concerns about overall U.S. health services.

OPM adds substance abuse services to federal health plan

Most employees’ insurance will cover a medical procedure that screens for alcohol and drug abuse.

OPM increases leave cap for senior Defense employees

Executives can carry over 90 days, on par with Senior Executive Service rule.

Panel approves bill to restore back raises to GAO employees

Legislation would offer lump sum to analysts who were denied salary increases under new pay system.

Delayed Gratification

For many newly retired feds, the wait for that first full retirement check is long and painful.

Diversity lacking among agencies' senior ranks, say lawmakers

The number of African-American men in the Senior Executive Service has decreased over the past seven years, according to GAO.