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Pay raise still up in air, but 4.1 percent likely

Federal employees are likely to receive a 4.1 percent average pay raise in 2003, but may have to wait a few weeks at the beginning of the year to get it.

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Pension funding fun

A peek inside the thrilling realm of federal retirement funds.

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Postal Service may reap pension windfall

In a new financial assessment, the Office of Personnel Management concludes that the Postal Service has paid billions of dollars more than necessary into its ...

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Key civil service lawmaker unseated; others cruise to victory

Key lawmakers on civil service committees overwhelmingly retained their seats Tuesday in this year’s House and Senate elections. The lone exception was in ...

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Elections will bring new leaders in key civil service posts

Congress will lose at least two, and possibly three, lawmakers on Tuesday who have championed the rights of federal workers and crusaded for federal management ...

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Base pay raise for 2004 pegged at 2.7 percent

Federal employees are likely to get a 2.7 percent across-the-board pay raise in 2004, based on figures released by the Labor Department Thursday.

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States find success with civil service reform, report says

Personnel directors in three states that have eliminated civil service laws can more quickly hire, fire, promote and re-assign workers than they could when the ...

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