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Bush moves to limit pay raise to 3.1 percent next year

President Bush has acted to limit the pay increase for civilian federal employees to 3.1 percent next year, with no locality pay raises.

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An extra day off at Christmas? Don’t count on it.

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Homeland employees’ jobs, pay safe for at least a year

Homeland Security Department employees will be able to keep their jobs and current pay rates for at least a year after they transfer from their current ...

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Homeland officials must work with employees on civil service rules

The Homeland Security Department’s leaders must consult with employee organizations before making any changes to civil service rules for the department’s ...

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Waiting on a raise

What's happening when with the 2003 federal pay raise.

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Homeland Security leaders win broad power over civil service rules

Civil service laws governing pay and promotions, job classification, collective bargaining, performance appraisals, discipline and firing will not apply to the ...

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Bill ties higher SES pay to lower performance ratings

Federal agencies could pay their best senior executives more each year—if the agencies lower performance ratings for their executives overall, under a ...

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Homeland bill includes personnel, benefits changes for all agencies

Agencies across the federal government will get new personnel powers and incentives for employees under the bill creating the new Department of Homeland ...

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