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Bonuses for senior executives at Transportation in jeopardy

The Transportation Department may withhold performance awards and bonuses from eligible employees if fiscal 2003 funds aren't enough to cover both pay raises ...

January 2, 2003 Leave a comment

Bush issues order implementing 2003 pay raise

President Bush issued an executive order Tuesday formally implementing a 3.1 percent pay increase in 2003 for General Schedule employees and members of the ...

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Investigators probe theft of Defense medical records

Federal investigators are trying to find the thieves who stole computer equipment and medical records from a military contractor’s offices in mid-December.

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Recent Bush initiatives raise issue of lower morale

A series of recent decisions regarding pay, benefits and union rights have soured President Bush’s relationship with federal labor leaders and many of the ...

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TSP limits

Attention federal workers who turn 50 next year: You’ll be able to put up to $14,000 into your Thrift Savings Plan account in 2003. But don’t worry about that ...

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Cape Codders lose locality pay battle

The Bush administration has rejected a recommendation to boost the salaries of federal workers in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

December 18, 2002 Leave a comment