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Union calls for midyear adjustment of mileage reimbursement rate

Record-high gas prices cited in push for an increase.

Frankenstein's System

The federal pay structure is like a monster, with a torso drawn from the General Schedule and performance-based extremities tacked on.

Execs' association calls for pay reform, more career positions

Leaders lay out comprehensive agenda for the next administration.

Agencies urged to hire ex-offenders

People with criminal records could help fill future staff shortages, House panel says.

Labor relations observers say government unions can be innovators

But high pension costs and acrimonious debate can damage relationships between public sector employees and management.

Bush: Troops could miss paychecks, civilians could be laid off

Congress must pass war supplemental funding measure to keep Defense operations going, White House says.

From GSA signs telework agreement with union

AFGE officials agree to provisions that abruptly ended telework talks with another federal union.

The Benefits of Social Security

What you, your spouse and your children are entitled to.

Union calls for investigation into TSA turnover

The attrition rate for employees covered under the security agency’s new pay-for-performance system was 21 percent in fiscal 2007.

Telework negotiations break down between union and GSA

Dispute over disciplinary provision and elimination of employee reimbursements ends in stalemate.