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Home Sweet Home

House approves bill to expand telework opportunities across government.

Monster launches new hiring software tool tailored to federal agencies

Program will take agencies and applicants from job posting through the first day.

House passes bill encouraging telework

Bill would require agency heads to allow qualified employees to work outside the office at least 20 percent of their hours in a two-week period.

House passes SES diversity legislation

Bill creates an office within OPM that will collect data about senior executives.

Supreme Court and EEOC grapple with age discrimination questions

Court expands federal employee rights in retaliation cases; proposed rule could make discrimination tougher to prove.

Proposal would give agencies more flexibility in processing EEO complaints

Commission votes to allow agency pilot projects to find ways to improve process.

TSP’s market funds bloom in May

Small and common stocks post the largest gains for the month.

Myth Busting

Setting the record straight about some misunderstood aspects of federal retirement.

Lawmakers discuss expanding locality pay to areas covered by COLAs

Senators and federal employee groups cite need to keep retirement payments competitive, improve recruiting.

OPM suspension of electronic retirement calculator blamed on contractor shortcomings

In a recent round of testing, agency says, only five of 61 functions passed.