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OPM suspension of electronic retirement calculator blamed on contractor shortcomings

In a recent round of testing, agency says, only five of 61 functions passed.

Intelligent Design

Does higher pay motivate federal employees to work harder?

Defense seeks to reprogram funds to cover Army shortfalls

Without supplemental funding, Gates predicts furloughs and suspension of pay.

Aviation groups push agenda as FAA reauthorization stalls

Collective bargaining for air traffic controllers is among legislative priorities.

OPM suspends portion of contract for electronic retirement system

Agency orders contractor to stop work on electronic retirement calculator.

Pentagon issues regulations applying federal labor relations rules to pay system

Changes to the National Security Personnel System are required under a law passed last year.

Virginia senator: McCain 'missing the boat' on veterans' benefits bill

Republican presidential hopeful argues that Democrat Jim Webb's amendment to increase education benefits would undermine the military's retention efforts.

TSP and Taxes

A primer on the tax implications of withdrawals from your Thrift Savings Plan account.

New bill would provide grad student scholarships for service

Bipartisan legislation would offer tuition and living expenses, and allow noncompetitive hiring of scholarship recipients.

Pay Day

Federal employees could see a bigger salary boost if Congress ensures pay parity between military service members and civilian employees during the next few years.