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TSP launches life-cycle funds

New funds put retirement investments on “cruise control,” automatically shifting money from a mix of riskier to more conservative investments as participants age.

All About FSAs

Money saved for braces, laser eye surgery and even summer camp can be tax-free.

Nonfederal organizations endorse performance-based pay

But GAO says their experience shows that compensation changes must be part of broader performance improvement initiatives.

Top Bush aides get small pay boost

Senior White House officials received raises to $161,000 per year at the beginning of July.

Lawmakers rip Pentagon plan to relocate civilian employees

House panel questions why employees at Defense facilities need security standards more stringent than those for other federal workers.

Homeland Security begins training managers on new personnel system

More than 12,000 managers will attend sessions between now and October.

SES system may pave way for performance-based pay

Shift to pay-for-performance in senior ranks spurs curiosity at lower levels, say panelists at Excellence in Government conference.

Senate votes to give military health care to Guard, Reserves

House lawmakers stripped similar language from its version of the bill.

Relocation board’s charter extended through end of 2005

The Governmentwide Relocation Advisory Board’s charter given some wiggle room in case it stumbles in meeting September reporting deadline.

Eye of the Storm

Agencies can give volunteering employees excused absences, OPM says.