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Lawmakers seek remedy for GAO pay reform

Legislation would restore raises to hundreds of agency employees.

GSA adjusts per diem rates in six states

Changes will apply to all government travel in affected areas March 17.

Government faces shortage of IT project managers, council reports

Chief Information Officers Council backs increased training in key areas.

GSA seeks to require federal travelers to use contract hotels

Comprehensive legislative package also would streamline the process of setting mileage reimbursement rates and expand child care services.

Saving Sick Time

Employees question whether a proposed sick leave benefit is generous enough.

Groups push FAA reauthorization as inspection officials come under fire

Wide range of organizations unite behind stalled legislation for varying reasons.

Military and civilian pay are competitive, quadrennial review board finds

Commission recommends Pentagon seek more flexibility in rewarding high performers and retaining skills.

House report criticizes Homeland Security’s workforce diversity

DHS says data is outdated, points to success of Hispanic and disabled employees.

House chairman asks agencies to probe Blackwater

At issue is whether the company can declare that its security guards are independent contractors, not employees.

Defense, VA lay out plans to improve health care for wounded soldiers

For now, families must navigate a stovepiped system with "a fistful of business cards," says father of a wounded soldier.