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Know thyself

Agencies looking for personnel flexibilities should stop by OPM before heading to Capitol Hill.

June 12, 2003 Leave a comment

New personnel rules to come out this week

Federal managers could have more discretion in hiring decisions, while federal workers could get the government to pay for academic degrees, under regulations ...

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Student loan repayment program off to slow start

With some exceptions, most federal agencies helped few or no employees with their college debt under a two-year-old repayment program aimed at recruiting and ...

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The Senate approves a provision that would allow more disabled vets to draw their full retirement and disability benefits.

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Rumsfeld: Defense needs personnel reform to manage better

The Defense Department needs a new, more cohesive personnel system to effectively manage civilian employees, Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told Senate lawmakers ...

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Graduates prefer nonprofit jobs over civil service

Interest in public service careers is growing among graduating college seniors, but the focus is on nonprofit employment rather than federal jobs, according to ...

June 3, 2003 Leave a comment