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Appointee bonuses topped $1 million in 2002

The Bush administration awarded nearly $1.5 million in performance bonuses to political appointees in 2002, according to the Office of Personnel Management.

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Follow the leader

Pentagon leaders might follow the example set by Homeland Security Department officials when it's time to implement civil service changes.

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House approves bill protecting federal retiree drug benefit

House lawmakers passed a bill Tuesday that would ensure federal retirees retain the same prescription drug benefits federal employees have after Congress ...

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Independence day

The government's watchdog agency wants a new name and more freedom to manage its workforce.

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At DHS, the Bush team and unions are actually getting along

Federal unions and officials at the new Homeland Security Department are doing a surprising thing: They’re getting along.

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Labor Department and union wrangle over transit subsidy

An 18-month-long dispute over increasing the transit subsidy benefit for some employees at the Labor Department led union members to stage a second protest ...

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