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Report: HHS Secretary's office not using discounted airfares

Inspector general found only 16 percent of travelers opted for cheapest available flight in fiscal 2006.

Small and common stocks top August TSP earnings

Only international investments posted losses last month.

The COLA Factor

Taking cost-of-living allowances into consideration when setting a date to retire.

Smarter Self-Assessments

How you write your annual performance appraisal could mean the difference between mediocre and exceptional ratings.

Special TSA force helps secure Democratic convention

A smaller group of screeners will work the Republican convention in Minnesota.

EEOC issues guide for hiring, promoting disabled employees

Online resource outlines the tools at agencies’ disposal and the rules they must follow.

OPM publishes final rules for dental, vision program

Notice stipulates that employees cannot be denied enrollment or coverage due to a preexisting dental or vision condition.

OPM authorizes higher pay for hard-to-fill jobs

Regulations seek to boost agency use of underutilized pay flexibility.

Potty parity: First Democrats, then bureaucrats?

Denver convention facility provides more toilets for women to reduce waiting times; legislation is pending in Congress that would mandate a similar approach in federal buildings.

OPM proposes cost-of-living changes for Alaska and Puerto Rico

Alaska workers would see another decrease while Puerto Rico allowances would continue to rise.