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Hurricane Fay reminds managers of emergency workforce flexibilities

Direct hiring authority, premium pay for employees are among several options available to agencies during a crisis.

Equal employment report shows mixed success

Federal workers file fewer complaints, but agencies pay more in damages.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md.

House majority leader calls for expanding alternative work schedules

Maryland Democrat asks OPM for guidance on motivating agencies to adopt a four-day, 40-hour workweek by October.

Defense to test run foreign language corps

Department is seeking individuals fluent in 10 critical languages to serve the government in times of emergency or international need.

Obama emphasizes VA role in caring for vets

Democratic presidential candidate favors job training for veterans, more outreach to their families.

TSP assets safe if company that manages plan goes under

Board notes success of life-cycle funds, eyes Defense plan for automatic contributions.

McCain pledges to expand health care options for veterans

Republican presidential candidate says access cards would not replace VA system.

Mail Call

Answers to readers questions about the best days to retire.

Presidential candidates’ management agendas -- or lack thereof -- scrutinized

Government observers urge McCain and Obama to prepare appointees to work with civil servants, address federal pay issues.

Inching Along

Federal pay and benefits issues haven’t been eclipsed completely by politics this election year.