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Sharon Helman, the former career senior executive who ran VA’s Phoenix health care system when the scandal over falsifying wait lists erupted.

Judge Tells VA to Repay Former Senior Exec’s Bonus

Sharon Helman, the career employee at the center of the VA scandal, successfully petitioned court to recoup performance award -- for now.

A Critical Part of Planning, By Any Estimation

It’s important that agencies provide retirement estimates to employees.

More Feds Are ‘Thriving’ Financially Than Average Workers, Survey Finds

Even low earning feds have higher financial well-being scores than their non-federal counterparts.

DoJ Will Notify Nearly 1 Million Feds of Eligibility to Join Shutdown Lawsuit

Plaintiffs are seeking bonus compensation for working without pay during 2013 shutdown.

Retirement Claims Backlog Hits 18-Month High

OPM is processing former retirement paperwork more slowly in 2015.

What Happens When You Say 'I Do'

There’s a lot to think about, especially if your betrothed is also a fed.

Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kansas, is one sponsor of the bill.

Sick Leave Bill for Disabled Vets Advances

Senate committee passes legislation that gives wounded warriors hired as feds access to their full year’s sick leave immediately.

Jamesa Euler delivers mail in Atlanta in 2013.

Why Are We Still Calling Postal Workers 'Mailmen'?

It's an outdated way to refer to letter carriers, of whom more than a third are women.