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The Five Agencies Where Morale is Dropping the Most

Homeland Security once again has the least happy employees.

Congress Keeps Cuts to Pentagon Travel Per Diems

The final version of the fiscal 2016 Defense authorization bill does not repeal a policy that resulted in lower per diems for long-term government travelers.

Who Can You Trust?

If you hire a financial planner, make sure they’re qualified and put your interest above their own.

Retirement Savings in TSP Have a Bad Month, Again

Government securities and fixed income bonds see slight gains for September, but the rest of the funds remain in the red.

Lawmakers Reach Deal to Cut DoD Workforce, Overhaul Military Retirement

Pentagon offices would have to shed staff by 25 percent over five years.

Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Colo., introduced the bill.

Troops Would Get Paid On Time During Shutdown Under Bill

Republican reintroduces Pay Our Military Act, which would also ensure some civilians do not miss a paycheck if government closes.

Feds Will Pay 7.4 Percent More Toward Health Care Premiums in 2016

On average, the rise of overall premium costs doubled compared to last year's increase.

IRS Gave Executive Bonuses Totaling $6 Million Over Five Years

Tax Analysts’ FOIA suit details 1,269 performance awards averaging $4,483.

Union members protest during the October 2013 government shutdown.

See Who Would Get Furloughed in a 2015 Shutdown

More than 860,000 federal workers would be sent home without pay.