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OPM Finalizes Long-Desired Change to USPS Pensions

Agency has identified the change as key to putting the agency back on firm financial footing.

VA Secretary Asks Congress to Couple Hiring and Pay Reform With Private Care Expansion

Lawmakers generally agree on choice bill, but still must address funding offsets.

Survey: Thrift Savings Plan Participants Still Want Greater Flexibility

Nearly 90 percent of feds are satisfied with the 401(k)-style retirement savings program.

President Donald J. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and members of the Cabinet pray prior to their Cabinet meeting in Sept.

Trump’s Bureaucracy is Nearly as White, Male, and Unequal as His Cabinet

Trump's mid-level appointees are 27 percentage points whiter and 13 points more male than the country as a whole.

Recruitment to federal jobs is one area that would suffer, observers say.

Leaked Compensation Proposals Could Have ‘Huge’ Repercussions for Civil Service

Advocates, observers fear a degradation in the government’s recruitment abilities.

Postal Service Asks Employees to Volunteer to Relocate to Puerto Rico

The agency will not provide any travel or lodging reimbursements.

Report: White House Officials Backed 2019 Pay Freeze, $300 Billion in Cuts to Employee Compensation

Memo leaked to liberal news site also proposes eliminating FERS defined benefit program and retiree health benefits for new hires.

5 Things You Should Do to Prepare for Health Benefits Open Season

For many federal employees and retirees, this is a time of frustration and confusion.

Senate Approves Budget Plan, Setting Up Fight Over Fed Benefit Cuts

The House version of the resolution includes $32 billion in cuts, likely to employee retirement and health insurance programs.