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Border agents patrol a beach in 2012.

Lawmakers Want to Overhaul Pay and Benefits for Border Patrol, Firefighters

Reformers hope to end widespread abuse of overtime privileges among border agents.

Is $487K Too Little to Pay Federal Contractors?

Contractors object as the government finalizes plans to implement statutes limiting their reimbursable pay.

Washington-area retirees will be glad to not see this image too often.

One Big Advantage of Retiring

Your days of commuting are over.

An audit of the Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network concluded the bureau used improper criteria when screening and hiring candidates for certain jobs.

Improper Hiring at Treasury Bureau Possibly Affected Veterans

Lawmakers and others are looking into whether the use of illegal hiring practices at an anti-money laundering agency violated vets’ preference.

Cutting VA Bonuses Could Hurt Veterans More Than Execs

Private sector health care professionals earn three times what their government counterparts earn.

A VA Fix That Goes Beyond Banning Bonuses

Lawmakers point to compensation for a quick scapegoat, but a long-term solution may be on the horizon.

Federal Employees Have Lost All Furlough Appeals So Far

MSPB judges have sided with the agency’s decision to furlough workers during sequestration in the 1,200 cases that they’ve adjudicated to date.

Thrift Savings Plan Funds Move Back to Black in May

The S Fund emerged from the red, increasing 1.52 percent last month.