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Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki listens at left as Veterans Affairs acting Inspector General Richard Griffin testifies Thursday.

House to Vote on Firing VA Senior Execs

A bill that would enhance the department secretary’s authority to sack poor performers at scandal-plagued VA hits the floor Wednesday.

Don’t Count on Higher Mass Transit Benefits Anytime Soon

Senate Republicans block bill that would have restored the benefits to their 2013 levels and privatized tax debt collection.

Test Your Retirement Readiness

This quiz will tell you whether you’re retirement ready, on your way, beyond the beginning, or just getting started.

Soldiers patrol Kunduz, Afghanistan in 2013.

Commission Will Ask Military Service Members Which Benefits They Want Cut

Review board will survey former and current members for their thoughts on compensation.

EEOC Wants Ideas on How to Improve Federal Hiring of Disabled People

Commission asks whether agencies should have annual hiring goals.

Three New Bills That Could Change Feds' Benefits

Proposals would affect legislative, military and executive branch personnel.

Federal firefighters assigned to  Navy Region Hawaii Federal Fire Department train.

Bill Would Exempt Federal Public Safety Officers From Retirement Tax Penalty

Legislation would make sure federal law enforcement employees and firefighters don’t pay 10 percent tax on TSP money when they retire early.

Sallie Mae Fined $97 Million For Overcharging Military Members

Company failed to cap loan interest at 6 percent, distributed incorrect information.

Pay Stalls for Mid-Level Cybersecurity Professionals

Cybersecurity certifications are a key contributing factor to career success.

Defense Plans to Replace 19-Year-Old Retiree Pay System

Time to leave the COBOL-based application behind.