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House Panel Appears to Accept Trump's Proposed 1.9 Percent Civilian Pay Hike

Financial Services appropriations bill does not mention the raise, which would allow the president's plan to advance.

Rep. Barbara Comstock, R-Va., was one of the Republicans who signed on to the letter.

House Republicans Express Concern With Trump's Proposed Federal Retirement Program Cuts

Nine Republicans say they are particularly troubled with idea of applying the cuts to current employees and retirees, not just future hires.

IG: VA Employee Lied About Hours Worked, Collecting $100K in Unearned Wages

Researcher collected paychecks from the government and a university for the same hours of work.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., is one of the sponsors of the House bill.

House Oversight Members Join Effort to Loosen TSP Withdrawal Restrictions

Companion to a Senate bill would allow participants in the retirement savings program more flexibility to manage their money.

Beware of Benefits Scams

How to spot and avoid fraudsters and con artists.

EPA Wants 1,200 Employees to Accept Buy Outs, Early Outs

They will have a maximum of six weeks to accept an offer and leave the agency.

Should the Costs of Federal Employee Pensions Be Calculated Differently?

A change in methodology could make it easier to understand the long-term impact of proposed reforms to retirement benefits, but would introduce greater uncertainty, CBO says.