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OPM Takes Steps Toward Finding a Contractor to Notify Hack Victims

An information request put out to interested companies indicated a mid-August contract award is the "best case."

Feds Dodge Proposed Cut to Their TSP Benefits

Senate deal on highway funding does not raise money through decreasing the rate of return on the G Fund.

Cobert said the cost for each federal entity is not yet known.

OPM to Charge Agencies for Services Offered to Hack Victims

Agencies will have to scramble to find fiscal 2015 funding.

Obama Announces New Loan Protections for Troops

The changes close loopholes in a 2006 law aimed at preventing predatory lenders from taking advantage of service members and their families.

Jeb Bush: Strip Feds of Automatic Pay Raises and Due Process

Republican presidential candidate lays out plan for overhauling federal personnel system.

Outlook for a COLA Increase in 2016 Still Isn't Great

So far the cost of living isn’t rising enough to warrant an increase, but that could change in the next three months.

It’s Time to Make Good on Phased Retirement

​While agencies drag their feet, critical skills are walking out the door.

IG: A Fed with Fake Diplomas Worked at Interior for Five Years

The technology officer eventually resigned from the department — and then he moved to work at the Census Bureau.