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USPS Denies It’s Making Letter Carriers Return Early to Avoid Paying Overtime

D.C.-area employees say mail is piling up as they are unable to finish their routes.

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Telework Isn't Just About Work-Life Flexibility; It's an Operational Strategy

Feds need to let go of the myths about who teleworks and why.

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Poll: Half the Federal Workforce Says They Might Leave Government

Pay freeze, fed-bashing and lure of private-sector salaries among the reasons.

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Obama Will Not Include COLA Reductions in FY15 Budget

White House announcement comes after advocacy groups, lawmakers opposed switch to the less generous formula for calculating retirement benefits.

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Military Families Are Using Food Stamps More Than Ever

Defense commissaries see spike in government assistance.

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The Crushingly Expensive Mistake Killing Your Retirement

401(k) fees are costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

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Army Soldiers Go for Gold in Sochi

Intensive training program prepares soldiers for Olympics.

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No Sequester Cuts Are Needed in 2014, OMB Says

Enacted appropriations fall within spending limits for the fiscal year.

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Obama's New Cybersecurity Guidelines Lack a Workforce Plan

The root cause of many breaches is a shortage of qualified IT professionals.

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