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Retired and Rehired

If phased retirement isn’t for you, there are other ways to keep working for government after retiring.

A Primer on Federal Pay and Benefits in Case the Government Shuts Down Again

Washington leaders have vowed to keep agencies funded past Sept. 30, but nothing is a done deal.

San Francisco commuter traffic.

Parking Perk Will Continue to Dwarf Transit Benefit Unless Congress Acts

Union expects parity will be restored by the end of this year.

How Obama’s Federal Pay Plan Dashed a Bigger Raise

Had the president stayed mum, civilian feds and service members would see larger paychecks in 2015.

TSP Gains in August

All the funds except for international stocks posted positive returns last month.

Obama Issues Plan to Give Feds a 1 Percent Pay Raise

The president issued an alternative pay plan late Friday, setting an across-the-board increase for civilian federal employees of 1 percent in 2015.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said shutdowns are a "failed policy."

Why a Government Shutdown Is So Unlikely

The move would be electoral suicide for Republicans.

OPM Director Katherine Archuleta has said the agency will be ready to accept applications Nov. 6.

Can You Apply for Phased Retirement This Fall? It Depends on Your Agency

OPM is accepting applications beginning in November, but some agencies are telling employees they can’t apply that soon.

Phased Retirement: Case Studies

Running the numbers on a couple of hypothetical examples of employees considering the new option.

Temp Feds Are One Step Closer to Health Insurance

As comment period on draft rules ends, union urges OPM to provide access to FEHBP to newly-eligible employees ASAP.