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More Than 15,000 Federal Employees Make at Least $200K

Top earning employees work at highly specialized agencies.

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HUD Will Post Officials' Salaries Online

Department will make available by May 16 comprehensive salary data of the country’s public housing authority directors.

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The 15 Federal Jobs Where Women Earn More Than Men

There were only three such positions in 1992.

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Did the Federal Government Pick Up Your Student Loan Tab?

If you received money from Uncle Sam to help pay for your higher ed, we want to hear how you obtained the benefit.

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Tech Unemployment Falls to 2.7 Percent

But IT professionals aren't quitting their jobs just yet.

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Uncle Sam Will Ask Feds About Pay, Job Satisfaction This Spring

OPM will administer its annual survey of the government workforce beginning in late April.

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Charities Will Now Have to Pay a Fee to Participate in the Annual Federal Giving Drive

Combined Federal Campaign overhaul will take effect in 2016.

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Feds and Their Managers Aren’t Seeing Eye-to-Eye on Much, Including Promotions

Report shows large workforce assessment disparities between supervisors and their staffs.

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Uncle Sam Has Shrunk the Gender Pay Gap Over the Past 20 Years

Federal women in 2012 earned 87 cents for every dollar a man earned – 17 cents more than in 1992.

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Why Do Washington's Women Leaders Make Less?

What National Journal's 2014 salary survey says about the pay gap.

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