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Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
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Play of the Day: Kanye West Loves Donald Trump

April 26 The musician tweeted his praise for the president this week.

Play of the Day: Dr. Ronny Jackson's Workplace Habits

April 25 Trump's nominee for Veterans Affairs has had his confirmation hearings postponed.

Play of the Day: Emmanuel Macron is in Town and Donald Trump is Excited

April 24 The American president loves his French counterpart.

Play of the Day: Ryan Zinke's Not a Geologist

April 23 The Interior chief is many things, but he has not held the job of geologist professionally.

Play of the Day: Trump Wants a 'Fruitful' Meeting With Kim

April 20 The president is expanding his vocabulary.

Play of the Day: Trump Kept Pompeo's North Korea Meeting a Secret

April 19 It took a few weeks for the meeting to come out.

Play of the Day: More Scott Pruitt Purchases

April 18 The EPA chief likes to ride in style.

Play of the Day: Comey's Book Blurbs

April 17 Hillary Clinton threw it out a window and Donald Trump called it "fake news."

Play of the Day: Comey And Trump Are Back At It

April 16 The fired FBI chief's book is coming out, so the president is back on the offensive.

Play of the Day: A New EPA Challenge Coin Design

April 13 Scott Pruitt wants an agency symbol to more reflect his values.

Play of the Day: Paul Ryan Wants To Spend More Time With His Family

April 12 After he achieved his dream of tax cuts, Ryan will not seek reelection.

Play of the Day: 'Witch Hunt' Would Look Good on a Red Hat

April 11 The president is using a new catchphrase.

Play of the Day: Michael Cohen's Office Was Raided and the President is Not Happy

April 10 Donald Trump's personal lawyer is in hot water.

Play of the Day: Scott Pruitt's Other Lodging Options

April 9 Airbnb offers some luxurious lodging situations for the EPA chief in D.C.

Play of the Day: Trump's Latest Border Plan

April 6 Will he accidentally send the National Guard to the Canadian border?

Play of the Day: Stormy Daniels May Have More To Say About The President

April 5 The adult film actress' lawyer says she could describe certain details about the president.

Play of the Day: The White House's Favorite Spring Fashion

April 2 Jeff Sessions loves his clothes and Betsy DeVos may have put hers on backwards.

Play of the Day: Dr. Ronny Jackson's Qualifications

March 30 He's done the president's physical.

Play of the Day: New Ways to Fund the Border Wall

March 29 Trump wants the Pentagon to fund it, but some around him have other ideas.

Play of the Day: Meet John Bolton… And His Mustache

March 28 The president's newest advisor has a signature look… and ideology.

Play of the Day: Stormy Daniels Knows How to Get Trump to Behave

March 27 Perhaps Robert Mueller and John Kelly watched the interview.

President Donald Tr, ... ]

Play of the Day: Trump and Mueller's Jeopardy! Topics

March 26 "Putin Putables" isn't a Daily Double, but it could be.

Play of the Day: Biden and Trump Are Ready to Fight Again

March 23 Who wouldn't want to see two septuagenarians throw down?

Play of the Day: Trump's Staff Gives Him Notes in His Native Tongue

March 22 According to leaks coming out of the White House, the president's staff write him notes in all caps.

Play of the Day: What Trump Wants to Talk About With Mueller

March 21 The president can talk about a few things, but not everything.

Play of the Day: Andrew McCabe Had a Terrible Birthday Weekend

March 20 Getting fired is no one's idea of a good birthday.

Play of the Day: Rex Tillerson Knew How This Was Going to End

March 19 The former Cabinet member was reportedly fired on the toilet.

Play of the Day: Mueller Is Looking Into The Trump Organization

March 16 Was the president's "red line" crossed?

Play of the Day: Trump's New Idea is Out of This World

March 15 The president wants a "space force."

Play of the Day: Farewell, Rex

March 14 President Donald Trump fired his State Department chief on Twitter.

Play of the Day: What Besty DeVos Understands About Her Job

March 13 The Education Department chief doesn't seem to know her role and responsibilities.

Play of the Day: More on the North Korea Talks

March 12 How did Trump decide to meet with Kim?

Play of the Day: The U.S. and North Korea Are Going to Talk

March 9 Trump and Kim have tentative plans to schedule a meeting.

Play of the Day: A 'Stormy' Week for the White House

March 8 Trump's being sued and his top economic advisor left.

Play of the Day: Some White House Nicknames Are Better Than Others

March 5 "Javanka" is definitely better than "Devoncé" or "Mr. Magoo."

Play of the Day: Trump Talks Guns Again

March 2 Is the president coming for your firearms?

Play of the Day: HUD is Looking for a 'Decent Chair'

March 1 Who cares if it costs $5,000?

Play of the Day: Arming Teachers is One Solution to School Shootings

February 23 The president suggests giving bonuses to educators who carry a weapon.

Play of the Day: President Trump's Listening Session Notes

February 22 The president had some teens to the White House and made sure to remember to hear them.

Play of the Day: Rex Tillerson and Russian Election Meddling

February 12 The State Department chief has an interesting attitude about election hacking by other world powers.