Play of the Day

Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
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Play of the Day: Al Franken and Sexual Harassment

November 17 Late-night notes that sexual predation is not a partisan issue.

Play of the Day: Our Parched President Returns From Asia

November 16 Donald Trump drinks water and fills out forms.

Donald Trump Jr. speaks at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Play of the Day: WikiLeaks and the Trump Campaign

November 15 Maybe Donald Trump Jr. just thought he was looking something up on Wikipedia.

Play of the Day: President Predictive Text

November 13 John Oliver has his iPhone write a speech like President Donald Trump.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump's China Visit

November 10 The president's Asia trip continues.

Play of the Day: Trump, Gillespie and Twitter

November 9 After the Virginia race was called for the Democrat, the president took to social media.

Play of the Day: Trump's Eating Korean Food in Seoul

November 8 Who better to appreciate 360-year-old soy sauce than the man who loves ketchup on his well-done steak?

Play of the Day: Hat-Based Diplomacy

November 7 Donald Trump and Shinz┼Ź Abe played golf, talked about samurai and signed hats.

Play of the Day: President Trump is Photographed With Many People

November 6 George Papadopoulos is just one of the many unsavory characters with which the president has appeared in pictures.

Play of the Day: From Russia With Cash

November 3 Paul Manafort had a thing for James Bond references.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump's Penchant For Branding

November 2 The Cut Cut Cut Act is a marketing victory for the GOP.

Play of the Day: 12 Years a Lack of Compromise

November 1 Late-night examines John Kelly's history of the American Civil War.

Play of the Day: Mueller's First Indictments

October 31 Late-night reacts to the news about Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos.

Play of the Day: School House Trump Explains the 25th Amendment

October 30 A cartoon lays out part of the Constitution to the president.

Play of the Day: A Hiccup in the JFK Files Release

October 27 A lot of the files were withheld again.

Play of the Day: Trump's Version of the Food Pyramid

October 26 The president likes rice, pie and "beautiful chocolate cake."

Play of the Day: Donald Trump's Feud With Bob Corker Escalates

October 25 The president took to Twitter to crack on the Tennessee senator.

Play of the Day: The JFK Assassination Mysteries Will Be Solved

October 24 There's a treasure trove of information coming out of the National Archives soon.

President Donald Tr, ... ]

Play of the Day: Trump's Condolence Calls

October 20 The president is involved in yet another controversy.

Play of the Day: 'The Apprentice' For Border Walls

October 19 The wall prototypes are showcased near the border and they look like reality show contestants.

Play of the Day: Trump Is Calling, Writing, Not Calling and Not Writing

October 18 The president explains how he consoles the families of fallen service members.

Play of the Day: How Donald Trump Sees Chicago

October 17 The president seems to think the Windy City is "Syria, but with different pizza."

Play of the Day: The Border Wall Prototypes Are Here

October 16 Stephen Colbert showcases the samples of the Trump plan for the southern border.

Play of the Day: Another Trump Executive Order Signing

October 13 The president almost forgot to do the one thing he was there for.

Play of the Day: Fixing Trump's Tweets About the News Media

October 12 Jimmy Kimmel has a new exercise to improve the president's tweets.

Play of the Day: Trump and Tillerson Compare IQ Tests

October 11 The president jokingly suggested that the State Department chief and he could measure their intelligence quotients.

Play of the Day: Mike Pence Tries to Attend a Colts Game

October 10 The vice president walked out before the action started on Sunday.

Play of the Day: North Korea Doesn't Understand American Holidays

October 6 A potential show of force may not resonate as much as the hermit kingdom thinks it will.

Play of the Day: Secretaries of State Are Just Like Us

October 5 Rex Tillerson's called a press conference to dispute that he called President Donald Trump a "moron."

Play of the Day: Trump Has Fun Distributing Supplies in Puerto Rico

October 4 The president threw paper towels to victims and joked about the U.S. budget.

Play of the Day: The President's Golf Trophy Gift to Puerto Rico

October 3 Donald Trump's reaction to Hurricane Maria continues to rankle many.

Play of the Day: More On Trump's Puerto Rico Response

October 2 The president understands that the the U.S. territory is, indeed, an island.

Play of the Day: Trump Unveils His Tax Plan

September 29 It's got a long name, but it's definitely from the mind of the president.

Play of the Day: Jared Kushner's Voter Registration Snafu

September 28 The White House advisor made a mistake in some paperwork.

Play of the Day: Trump Learns About Puerto Rico

September 27 The president is planning a trip next week to survey the damage.

Play of the Day: Trump Starts a Feud With the NFL

September 26 In Alabama, the president criticized players protesting on the field.

Play of the Day: Kim Escalates His Feud With Trump

September 25 The North Korean leader called the American president a "dotard."

Play of the Day: Trump Wants to Repeal and Replace Obamacare

September 22 He may not know what it means, but he definitely wants it done.

Play of the Day: Trump's United Nations Speech

September 20 The president doubled down on a nickname for Kim Jong-un and stumbled over a few key words.

Play of the Day: A Trump Twitter Tradeoff

September 19 Trevor Noah's staff made some GIFs for the president to use, assuming he can keep making deals.