Play of the Day

Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
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Play of the Day: The Pigs Behind Chris Christie's Big Dilemma

November 20 Porcine confinement is the latest issue for New Jersey's governor.

Play of the Day: The Only Conversation Around Obamacare

November 19 Jonathan Gruber is the one thing everyone is talking about.

Play of the Day: How Obama Can Befriend A Republican Senate

November 17 The president just need to have some drinks.

Play of the Day: How Republicans Can Take on Obamacare

November 14 Stephen Colbert looks at the Republicans' plan going forward.

Play of the Day: What the Ivory Trade Has to Do With Terrorism

November 13 The Ivory trade brings the most endangered species: bipartisan agreement.

Play of the Day: The Gum Chewing Heard Around the World

November 12 Barack Obama visits China and commits a faux pas.

Play of the Day: America's Unclear Triumph In The War On ISIS

November 11 Did the U.S. finally kill al-Baghdadi?

Play of the Day: The Evils of State Lotteries

November 10 Last Week Tonight looks at the lucrative business.

Play of the Day: Republicans' New Science On Climate Change

November 7 Stephen Colbert looks at Sen. James Inhofe's book on the matter.

Play of the Day: Just How Big Was The Republicans' Win?

November 6 Stephen Colbert takes a victory lap.

Play of the Day: Money In Politics is Last Night's Big Winner

November 5 As some races await their final calls, the real winner of the midterm elections is already clear. It's about $3.7 billion.

Play of the Day: How to Shame America Into Voting Today

November 4 Report cards and flyers might help.

Play of the Day: State Legislatures Are Productive--And Terrifying

November 3 The laboratories of democracy have nearly unchecked power.

Play of the Day: Is Texas Turning Away from Conservatives?

October 31 Lone Star politicians express themselves a little differently.

Play of the Day: An Honest Koch Industries Ad?

October 30 The Daily Show gets a new sponsor.

Play of the Day: The Midterm Toxicity of President Obama

October 29 Everyone's running away from the guy who lives in the White House.

Play of the Day: The Politics of Obama's New Ebola Czar Appointment

October 27 SNL looks at Ron Klain's new job.

Do Stoners Come Up With Government-Funded Research Programs?

October 23 Late-night hosts asks his audience to separate real from fake projects.