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Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
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Play of the Day: The Negotiations to Avert a Shutdown Are Like a Hostage Movie

January 18 This time, however, no one has a particular set of skills.

Play of the Day: Trump Loves Norway

January 12 In a controversial week, the president dumped on developing nations and announced a fake plane sale. On the upside, he has warmed to one Scandinavian nation.

Play of the Day: Trump's Arms Are Folded and He's Ready to Deal

January 11 The president has a particular stance that he used in his bipartisan immigration meeting this week.

Play of the Day: The President Stands For the National Anthem

January 10 Does Donald Trump know the lyrics to the "Star-Spangled Banner?"

Play of the Day: The 'Very Stable Genius' President

January 9 President Donald Trump joins an illustrious group of people who have buttressed their own intelligence.

Play of the Day: More From the Michael Wolff Book on Trump

January 8 After the book's release, a series of salacious details have emerged.

Play of the Day: Trump's Evening Cheeseburger

January 5 A controversial new book has more revelations about the president.

Play of the Day: Trump and Kim Compare 'Buttons'

January 4 Two leaders of nuclear powers trade barbs through the media.

President Donald Tr, ... ]

Play of the Day: Trump Can't Deal With North Korea. He's Too Busy Keeping Planes in the Air.

January 3 The president takes credit on one thing and said "we'll see" on another.

Play of the Day: Trump's Dry Mouth

December 29, 2017 The president struggles to hydrate sometimes.

(Official Photo by Paul D. Williams)

Play of the Day: Trump Wants to Get to the Moon (and Maybe Mars)

December 28, 2017 The president lays out his plans for the U.S. space program

Play of the Day: Ivanka Praises the Tax Plan

December 27, 2017 The GOP's tax plan passed and the first family is touting it.

Play of the Day: Trump Joins Disney's Hall of Presidents

December 26, 2017 Late-night hosts roasted the newest robot at the attraction.

Play of the Day: The Trumps' Absentee Ballots

December 18, 2017 The First Family didn't exactly correctly vote in the New York mayoral race.

Play of the Day: Omarosa Leaves the White House With a Flourish

December 14, 2017 The former Trump advisor had to be escorted from the premises.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump's Feud With Kirsten Gillibrand

December 13, 2017 The president took to Twitter to insult his home state's junior senator.

Play of the Day: Trump, Television and Diet Coke

December 12, 2017 The president really likes to watch cable news and also drink soda.

Play of the Day: Hanukkah At The White House

December 11, 2017 The Trumps held a celebration for the upcoming Festival of Lights.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump Jr.'s Attorney-Client Privilege With His Father

December 8, 2017 The president is not a lawyer. Nor is his son.

Play of the Day: The President's (Slurred) Speech on Moving the Embassy in Israel

December 7, 2017 What did he say when he was trying to say "United States?"

Play of the Day: The Trump Administration's Plans For Public Land Out West

December 6, 2017 After the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments, perhaps other protected land is next.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump, John Dowd and Twitter

December 5, 2017 The president's personal lawyer said he wrote a potentially incriminating tweet about Michael Flynn.

Play of the Day: Mick Mulvaney's Job Interview at CFPB

December 4, 2017 The OMB chief says he won't "blow it up" at the consumer bureau.

Play of the Day: Rex Tillerson is 'Here'

December 1, 2017 President Donald Trump gave his State Department chief a lukewarm vote of confidence.

Play of the Day: Mick Mulvaney Does Not Like the Agency He Now Leads

November 30, 2017 The acting director of the CFPB has called it a “sick, sad joke.”

Play of the Day: The Trump Family's White House Christmas Decor

November 29, 2017 The White House tweeted a scary photo of the holiday decoration.

Play of the Day: The President Turns Down 'Person of the Year'

November 28, 2017 The president is beefing with a magazine on Twitter.

Play of the Day: Trump Pardons Some Turkeys

November 22, 2017 The president participated in the annual ritual on Tuesday.

Play of the Day: Being Thankful for LaVar Ball and Donald Trump

November 21, 2017 America gets the feud it didn't know it needed.

Play of the Day: The Uranium One Chart

November 20, 2017 Louis Gohmert has a graphic explainer for… something?

Play of the Day: Al Franken and Sexual Harassment

November 17, 2017 Late-night notes that sexual predation is not a partisan issue.

Play of the Day: Our Parched President Returns From Asia

November 16, 2017 Donald Trump drinks water and fills out forms.

Donald Trump Jr. speaks at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Play of the Day: WikiLeaks and the Trump Campaign

November 15, 2017 Maybe Donald Trump Jr. just thought he was looking something up on Wikipedia.

Play of the Day: President Predictive Text

November 13, 2017 John Oliver has his iPhone write a speech like President Donald Trump.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump's China Visit

November 10, 2017 The president's Asia trip continues.

Play of the Day: Trump, Gillespie and Twitter

November 9, 2017 After the Virginia race was called for the Democrat, the president took to social media.

Play of the Day: Trump's Eating Korean Food in Seoul

November 8, 2017 Who better to appreciate 360-year-old soy sauce than the man who loves ketchup on his well-done steak?

Play of the Day: Hat-Based Diplomacy

November 7, 2017 Donald Trump and Shinzō Abe played golf, talked about samurai and signed hats.

Play of the Day: President Trump is Photographed With Many People

November 6, 2017 George Papadopoulos is just one of the many unsavory characters with which the president has appeared in pictures.

Play of the Day: From Russia With Cash

November 3, 2017 Paul Manafort had a thing for James Bond references.