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Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
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Play of the Day: Trump Wants to Repeal and Replace Obamacare

September 22 He may not know what it means, but he definitely wants it done.

Play of the Day: Trump's United Nations Speech

September 20 The president doubled down on a nickname for Kim Jong-un and stumbled over a few key words.

Play of the Day: A Trump Twitter Tradeoff

September 19 Trevor Noah's staff made some GIFs for the president to use, assuming he can keep making deals.

Play of the Day: Colbert Knocks Trump at the Emmys

September 18 Stephen Colbert chided the awards for not honoring the president for his reality TV work.

Play of the Day: Testing Out the Wall

September 15 After an on-again, off-again DACA deal, there are questions about the border.

Play of the Day: More From Hillary Clinton's Book

September 14 The former State Department chief has plenty of stories to tell.

Play of the Day: Reading the Storybook Version of 'What Happened'

September 13 With shades of A.A. Milne, Jimmy Kimmel has a version of Hillary Clinton's recently released book.

Play of the Day: Steve Bannon's Personal Look Dominated His '60 Minutes' Interview

September 12 The former presidential advisor likes wearing multiple shirts at once.

Play of the Day: Dennis Rodman is Here to Solve the North Korea Problem

September 11 Only one man is friends with both Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump.

Play of the Day: More on Trump's Meeting With Top Democrats

September 8 It was a win for bipartisanship and Ivanka even showed up.

Play of the Day: A Hurricane Deal Keeps the Government Open

September 7 Donald Trump agreed to a plan with Democrats to avoid a government shutdown later this month… thanks to Hurricane Harvey.

Play of the Day: Trump Wants to End DACA

September 6 The president also asked Congress to act on the law.

Play of the Day: The Many Personalities of Donald Trump

August 25 The president explained his different speech moods on Twitter.

Play of the Day: Shutdown? Isn't Mexico Going to Pay For the Wall?

August 24 Trump threatens to cease government operations over his border plan.

Play of the Day: Trump Calls Terrorists 'Losers'

August 23 The president can't resist using his catchphrase.

Play of the Day: Trump Experiences the Eclipse

August 22 The president got a peek at the sun.

Play of the Day: The Demise of Trump's Manufacturing Council

August 21 Adding to a rough week, the president disbanded his advisory council.

Play of the Day: The President Loves Beautiful Confederate Statues

August 18 Donald Trump tweeted more of his thoughts on Confederate monuments.

Play of the Day: Trump's Feud With Amazon

August 17 The president is involved in yet another feud.

Play of the Day: President Trump Likes to Wait For the Facts

August 16 Another day brings another controversial statement from Donald Trump.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump Addresses the Violence in Charlottesville

August 15 The president is getting criticized for his first tepid statement over the weekend.

Play of the Day: Playing Trump Word Bingo

August 14 According to one report, European diplomats have a game for the U.S. president.

Play of the Day: Guam is Not Worried

August 11 With the North Korean regime posturing, the American territory has heard these threats before.

Play of the Day: Tensions Build Between the United States and North Korea

August 10 Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump are exchanging threats involving fire, fury and Guam.

Play of the Day: Trump Interrupts His Working Vacation to Threaten North Korea

August 9 Trump promises "fire and fury like the world has never seen."

Play of the Day: Trump's Working Vacation

August 8 The president is taking "meetings and calls" up in New Jersey.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump Embarks on a Vacation

August 7 The White House is getting some renovations, so the president is heading to New Jersey.

Play of the Day: The President Wants to Protect the 'Local Milk People'

August 4 Leaked transcripts of Donald Trump's calls with the heads of Mexico and Australia show a different side of the president.

Play of the Day: The President Presents 'This Old Dump'

August 3 A magazine is reporting that President Donald Trump called the White House a "dump" while golfing at his club in New Jersey.

Play of the Day: Awkward Moments For Scaramucci and Kushner

August 2 There's never a dull moment for current and former White House staffers.

Play of the Day: Who – or What – Will Replace Scaramucci?

August 1 The White House Communications Director is out after 10 days.

Play of the Day: Trump's New Children's Album

July 31 "Prez Bop" could be a real hit.

Play of the Day: Scaramucci's Phone Call

July 28 The White House official let loose a vulgar rant this week.

Play of the Day: The President's Understanding of Transgender Issues

July 27 President Donald Trump may not have done all the research prior to tweeting his plans for the military Wednesday.

Play of the Day: Trump's Speech to the Boy Scouts

July 26 The president regaled the Boy Scout Jamboree this week with some unconventional comments.

Play of the Day: The White House's New Communications Staffer

July 25 Anthony Scaramucci is a new character in the ever-changing story of the Trump administration.

Play of the Day: Look Out For Falling "Sacks of Drugs" Over the Border Wall

July 24 Donald Trump wants a transparent border wall, so Americans can see the oncoming danger.

Play of the Day: The Latest Wide-Ranging Trump Interview

July 21 The president spoke to the New York Times and he said some illuminating things.

Play of the Day: Trump's Second Meetup With Putin

July 20 A newly discovered meeting between the American and Russian leaders has raised some questions.

Play of the Day: The GOP Health Care Plan Is Done… For Now

July 19 Trump says he wants Congressional Republicans to "let Obamacare fail."