Play of the Day

Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
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Play of the Day: The Gyrocopter Man and Other American Journeys

April 17 How effective was the gyrocopter's flight onto the Capitol grounds?

Hillary Clinton met with voters Tuesday in LeClaire, Iowa.

Play of the Day: Clinton's Travels in Iowa

April 16 The inevitability tour continues in the Hawkeye State.

She's met the Dalai Lama, but she also eats burrito bowls.

Play of the Day: The New, Relatable Hillary Clinton

April 15 The candidate's stop at Chipotle is just the beginning.

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton is the Mother of Dragons

April 14 The Nightly Show deftly compares the 2016 field to Game of Thrones.

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton Tries to Connect with Voters

April 13 Saturday Night Live pokes at the newest official entrant into the 2016 race.

Now that he's vice president, Biden doesn't get to take Obama out in his Trans Am anymore.

Play of the Day: The Growing Legend of Diamond Joe

April 10 Biden continues to be fodder for late-night comedians.

Play of the Day: Fixing Rand Paul's Campaign

April 9 His videos and his slogan need a lot of work.

Play of the Day: Rand Paul Wants to Unleash the American Dream

April 8 Say hello to the newest entrant into the 2016 race.

Play of the Day: Me Llamo Jeb

April 7 The former governor of Florida was Hispanic on a 2009 form.

Play of the Day: Security and Privacy Can Coexist…With Restrictions

April 6 Last Week Tonight looks at NSA surveillance.

Play of the Day: Religious Freedom in French Lick and Gary

April 3 David Letterman unveils a new tourism video from his home state.

"And I'm also going to make it easier for you to drink your Capri Sun. Those pouches are impossible!"

Play of the Day: Clinton's New Platform Includes Free Guacamole

April 2 The former State Department chief is desperate for good press.

Everyone was taking shots at Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Tuesday.

Play of the Day: Indiana's Law Isn't a License to Discriminate, Just a Learner's Permit

April 1 Also, Barack Obama is heading to Kenya this summer.

Play of the Day: It's Pronounced 'Bay-ner'

March 31 The Speaker of the House comments on his famous name.

Play of the Day: Yes We Cannabis

March 30 Taking cues from Willie Nelson, Washington-connected celebrities are releasing their own personal marijuana brands.

Someone has to remind Biden not to play football in the house.

Play of the Day: Schoolyard Antics or Just a Swing Set on the White House Lawn?

March 27 After Bush criticism, just how mature are important members of the Obama administration?

Play of the Day: Ted Cruz Is Now On Obamacare. What Will He Do Next?

March 26 Planned Parenthood? A gay wedding?

We're going to have to turn this into a warehouse of some sort.

Play of the Day: Ted Cruz Wants to Abolish the IRS

March 25 The Texan proposes a flat tax. But who will collect the flat tax revenue?

Play of the Day: Ted Cruz is Officially Running for President

March 24 The Texan is in late-night crosshairs after his Monday announcement.

Play of the Day: Municipal Violations in Florida Usually Involve Alligators or Meth

March 23 Also, Obama's may be buying famous property in Hawaii.