Play of the Day

Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
Brad Barket/AP
Someone has to remind Biden not to play football in the house.

Play of the Day: Schoolyard Antics or Just a Swing Set on the White House Lawn?

March 27 After Bush criticism, just how mature are important members of the Obama administration?

Play of the Day: Ted Cruz Is Now On Obamacare. What Will He Do Next?

March 26 Planned Parenthood? A gay wedding?

We're going to have to turn this into a warehouse of some sort.

Play of the Day: Ted Cruz Wants to Abolish the IRS

March 25 The Texan proposes a flat tax. But who will collect the flat tax revenue?

Play of the Day: Ted Cruz is Officially Running for President

March 24 The Texan is in late-night crosshairs after his Monday announcement.

Play of the Day: Municipal Violations in Florida Usually Involve Alligators or Meth

March 23 Also, Obama's may be buying famous property in Hawaii.

Play of the Day: Fitness (And Other) Tracking Devices at the White House

March 20 Obama's monitoring his fitness, but other White House employees have to wear different monitors.

Play of the Day: Dick Cheney in Playboy

March 19 Also, President Obama fills out his March Madness bracket.

Play of the Day: In This Corner... Mitt Romney?

March 18 The late-night favorite and erstwhile candidate is lacing up the gloves for charity.

Putin goes hunting shirtless.

Play of the Day: Where Has Putin Been For 10 Days?

March 17 Seth Meyers has a plastic surgery theory… but not the one you're thinking.

Remember the 90s?

Play of the Day: Clinton's Emails Are a Throwback to the 1990s

March 16 David Letterman and Bill Maher connect the current scandal to some old ones.

Play of the Day: The Secret Service Has Been Very Busy Lately

March 13 Also, The Daily Show looks at the corruption charges against Sen. Robert Menendez.

Video: Obama Reads Mean Tweets on Kimmel

March 13 Twitter users insult Obama’s jeans and ears.

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton Needs to Think About Her Number of Devices

March 12 The Daily Show takes the former State Department chief to task over her email scandal.

Play of the Day: You Must Send This Letter To Five Other Rogue States in the Next 24 Hours

March 11 Maybe the GOP open letter to Iran was just a chain letter prank.

Play of the Day: The President Samples Jay-Z in his Selma Speech

March 10 Some of the metaphors Obama used in Alabama sound awfully familiar.

Play of the Day: An Email Scandal Will Not Stop Hillary Clinton

March 9 Also: Late night continues to deconstruct the Justice Department's Ferguson report.

Play of the Day: Looking at Statistics from the Ferguson Report

March 6 The recently-released Justice Department report gets the Comedy Central late-night treatment.

Play of the Day: The DEA Warns Against Stoner Bunnies

March 5 Late night shows highlight a federal warning against unintended consequences of Utah's forays into medical marijuana.

Play of the Day: Don't Worry, The NSA Archived All of Hillary Clinton's Email

March 4 Also, Netanyahu speaks at Congress to mixed reviews.

Play of the Day: Jim Inhofe Has a Secret Weapon to Disprove Global Warming

March 3 The Oklahoman brought a snowball to the Capitol and waved it around.