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Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
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Play of the Day: More Women in the Military Won't Mean Flirting on the Battlefield

8:44 AM ET The Daily Show looks at putting more women in combat roles.

Be careful.

Play of the Day: Carly Fiorina's Fall is a Metaphor For the Campaign

May 3 Ted Cruz's running mate takes a tumble in Indiana and it's quite symbolic.

Play of the Day: More on the Cruz/Fiorina Ticket

April 29 They may not be leading the polls, but they're all over late-night TV.

Play of the Day: Ted Cruz Picks a Running Mate, Despite Not Winning Anything

April 28 The Texan tapped Carly Fiorina to be his VP pick, but he's getting creamed by Donald Trump.

Play of the Day: Clinton and Trump Will Soon Be Looking for VP Nominees

April 27 Seth Meyers examines the upcoming veepstakes.

Play of the Day: Kasich and Cruz Are the Bootleg Wonder Twins

April 26 The dynamic duo is taking on Donald Trump, but their powers aren't really strong enough.

Play of the Day: More on the Harriet Tubman $20

April 22 Jackson and Tubs sounds like a buddy cop movie more than currency design.

Play of the Day: Ted Cruz Loves America… Probably Too Much

April 21 The Texan's New York concession speech was awkward.

Play of the Day: Clinton is a Better New York Panderer Than Kasich

April 20 Maybe it's sincere and maybe it's not, but Clinton seems to know what she's doing.

Play of the Day: John Kasich Explains Passover. Kind of.

April 19 Touring Brooklyn, the 2016 hopeful makes an awkward speech to some Jews.

Play of the Day: SNL Takes on the Brooklyn Democratic Debate

April 18 The 2016 race between Sanders and Clinton is lambasted again as last week's debate got heated.

Cruz's smile does him no favors in the creepiness department.

Play of the Day: Ted Cruz Loves Soup. Probably Too Much.

April 15 The Texan tells stories to humanize himself, but they always just come off creepy.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump is Unhappy With the GOP Delegate Rules

April 14 The mogul's campaign is having some trouble rounding up delegates.

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton's Uncomfortable Racial Humor

April 13 Appearing in that skit with Bill de Blasio was not a good idea.

Play of the Day: Superdelegates, Explained

April 12 Samantha Bee compares the party officials to the man behind the curtain.

Play of the Day: More From the Candidates' Travels in the Big Apple

April 11 It's almost the New York primary and the 2016 contenders are in full pander mode.

Hillary Clinton even rode the subway! Like a regular person! Kinda!

Play of the Day: The 2016 Campaign Moves to New York

April 8 Hillary Clinton rides the subway and Ted Cruz gets a chilly reception in the Empire State.

Play of the Day: Fake Agencies Trump Would Cut as President

April 7 The Department for the Farms and the Bureau of Birds and Foxes are very wasteful fake federal agencies.

Play of the Day: Looking Into the Archives of Trump's Comments About Women

April 6 The Daily Show dug up a very old, very creepy interview.

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton's Electoral Vulnerabilities

April 5 Benghazi, email, Libya, the Clinton Foundation, her dancing… It's a long list.

Sure. Let's let this guy with the hat become "Death, the destroyer of worlds" in the words of Robert Oppenheimer.

Play of the Day: Obama Knocks Down Trump's Nuke Talk

April 4 The president said the 2016 GOP frontrunner “doesn’t know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy… or the world generally."

I'm outta here soon, suckers.

Play of the Day: Obama's Senioritis

April 1 The president's not trying very hard in his final year.

"I know you are, but what am I?"

Play of the Day: Trump as a 5-Year-Old

March 31 As Stephen Colbert explains, Trump's lack of maturity is a certain kind of selling point.

Play of the Day: The 2016 GOP Campaign's Effect Worldwide

March 30 John Kerry might be ashamed, but that wall's going to make us all proud.

Sanders reacted to the bird as though he's never seen a bird before.

Play of the Day: Bernie Sanders and His Bird

March 29 The candidate said it was symbolism, but it was probably just one dinosaur seeing another.

Play of the Day: Apple and the FBI Trade Barbs

March 25 The Daily Show looks at the newest developments in the privacy battle.

#TrueDetectiveSeason3 ?

Play of the Day: Trump and Cruz Involve Each Other's Wives in the Campaign

March 24 An anti-Trump ad had the real estate mogul fired up on Twitter, so Cruz countered by quoting an Aaron Sorkin movie.

Play of the Day: More From Obama's Havana Trip

March 23 The president's trip to Cuba has provided ample comedy.


Play of the Day: Obama's Awkward Moment in Cuba

March 22 If Obama doesn't want to look like Raúl Castro's puppet, maybe he should tighten up his arm movements.

Last Week Tonight: Trump's Wall Won't Work, Let's Just Give Everyone Waffle Irons

March 21 John Oliver goes long on the contracting dream (or nightmare) for America's southern border.

Play of the Day: A Look Inside Donald Trump's Brain

March 18 The real estate mogul's top advisor is himself.

Play of the Day: That's a Lot of Confetti, John Kasich

March 17 After winning his home state, the Ohio governor was nearly buried in festive paper.

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton's Unforced Errors

March 16 Is the frontrunner getting complacent?

Huge, if true.

Play of the Day: Some of Those Chicago Protest Signs Truly Insulted Trump

March 15 Trump may say some inflammatory things, but accusing him of putting ketchup on his hot dogs is way more serious.

Play of the Day: Trump Rally or Fury Road?

March 14 After violence erupts in Chicago, late-night hosts suggest this was all inevitable.

These two just ooze charisma, don't they?

Play of the Day: The Charisma of the Democrats

March 11 Clinton says she's not a 'natural politician,' but is Sanders?

Play of the Day: Trump Steaks, Water and Magazine

March 10 Was the GOP frontrunner giving a victory speech or an informercial Tuesday night?

Clinton has really nailed down the 'mom's trying too hard to be cool in front of her daughters' friend' demo locked up.

Play of the Day: Some Candidates' Merchandise is More On-Brand Than Others

March 9 An unofficial Bernie Sanders store is selling a 'ceramic pipe.'

Play of the Day: The GOP is Tearing Itself Apart

March 8 What was once the part of Abraham Lincoln may become the party of Donald Trump.


Play of the Day: Donald Trump Defends His Size

March 7 This election cycle got really gross really quick.