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Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
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Play of the Day: No One Wants Any 2016 Candidates At Thanksgiving Dinner

November 25 Jimmy Fallon looks at a recent poll of voters.

Play of the Day: More on Donald Trump's Hair

November 24 The candidate's coiffure is once again a topic for late-night jokes.

Play of the Day: Giving Equal Time to 2016 Candidates

November 23 Stephen Colbert has figured out loopholes in the rule.

She wasn't even born here.

Play of the Day: A Symbol of Immigration Needs to be Vetted

November 20 Stephen Colbert isn't so sure about 'that big green lady' in New York Harbor.

Play of the Day: Ben Carson's Gifted Hands Can't Trace a Map

November 19 This week, the Carson campaign released a graphic that totally rearranged New England.

Play of the Day: Mike Huckabee Really Doesn't Want Any Syrian Refugees in America

November 18 The 2016 hopeful cites climate, religion and other things in trying to keep them out.

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton Needs to Step Up Her Crazy Game

November 17 The Democratic frontrunner needs to take cues from Ted Cruz in the debates.

Trump speaks at a rally in California in September.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump's Long Speech

November 16 The 2016 candidate spoke at length in Iowa late last week and late-night noticed.

Play of the Day: Sanders Gets Endorsements From Postal Union … And a Bunch of Babies

November 13 "Babies for Bernie" is now a thing, apparently.

Play of the Day: Ted Cruz Must Really Hate the Commerce Department

November 12 The GOP candidate had his own Rick Perry moment Tuesday.

Play of the Day: Starbucks, Baby Hitler and an Expensive Filling Station in Afghanistan

November 11 Late-night tackles Trump, Jeb Bush's recent comments and a SIGAR report.

Play of the Day: Stabbing, Pyramids and a Portrait

November 10 The media continues to scrutinize the Ben Carson 2016 campaign.

Play of the Day: Ben Carson's Stabbing History

November 9 The neurosurgeon-turned-candidate's backstory is being questioned again.

Play of the Day: Ben Carson's Rap Radio Ad

November 6 Campaign ads can be tricky, especially when original songs are involved.

Play of the Day: Ben Carson Is Not the Most Dynamic Candidate

November 5 Late-night hosts joke about the possibly sleepy GOP frontrunner.

Play of the Day: More on the Republicans' Debate Requests

November 4 Ben Carson really doesn't want "gotcha" questions.

Play of the Day: The Next GOP Debate Could Become a Literal Gong Show

November 3 Seth Meyers examines the letter the RNC sent to networks with debate restrictions.

Play of the Day: John Oliver Explains the Medicaid Gap

November 2 Maybe it's not time yet to celebrate with a backflip and a broken leg.

Play of the Day: The GOP Candidates' Actual Weaknesses

October 30 Late-night shows wrap up Wednesday's festivities.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump Resembles Both Mr. Met and the Golden Calf

October 29 He may not be leading in every poll anymore, but he's definitely late-night comedy's favorite candidate.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump's Latest Endorsement Packs a Punch

October 28 Mercurial former boxer Mike Tyson lends his support behind the candidate.

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton Celebrates a Birthday

October 27 Everyone knows what the candidate's wish was when she blew out her candles.

Play of the Day: Hillary Never Stops Trying to Sell Her Book

October 23 The Benghazi hearing took forever, but the former State Department chief found an opening to tout "Hard Choices."

Play of the Day: Joe Biden Just Made Hillary Clinton Very Happy

October 22 The Democratic frontrunner is ready to go to Vegas or have a dance party.

A lot of people say Justin Trudeau is a handsome man.

Play of the Day: Like its New Leader, Canada's Deficit Plans Are Adorable

October 21 Canada's election looks quaint to American eyes.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump is Giving Jeb Bush Nightmares

October 20 A Twitter beef has been reignited between two of the top GOP candidates.

Play of the Day: Saturday Night Live Lampoons the Democratic Debate

October 19 Larry David plays Sanders as an everyman who only has one pair of underwear.

Play of the Day: Lincoln Chafee Has Trouble With Interviews, Too

October 16 The Rhode Islander's bad week continues.

Play of the Day: Lincoln Chafee Just Wants You to Cut Him Some Slack

October 15 The Rhode Islander's debate performance left a lot to be desired.

Play of the Day: Stop Trying to Convince Paul Ryan to be Speaker

October 14 The Wisconsin Republican does not want the job.

Play of the Day: Getting Ready for the Democratic Debate

October 13 So many questions remain: Will Joe Biden show up? Will Sanders go after Clinton? Who are these other guys?

Play of the Day: Does Anyone Want to be Speaker?

October 12 The disarray continues the week after Kevin McCarthy decided he didn't want the job.

Play of the Day: The House Speaker Race Is Very Confusing

October 9 The House GOP is in disarray after Kevin McCarthy withdrew his name from consideration.

Play of the Day: Ben Carson Wants to Arm Kindergarten Teachers

October 8 The 2016 candidate is under fire for comments made in the wake of the Oregon shooting.

Play of the Day: Are Voters Souring on Donald Trump?

October 7 Late-night hosts look at the slumping GOP frontrunner.

Play of the Day: How to Stem the Tide of Gun Violence

October 6 No one seems to know how to stop all the shootings in the U.S.

Play of the Day: Jason Chaffetz Doesn't Need the Secret Service to Embarrass Him

October 5 Last Week Tonight examines the latest Secret Service scandal.

Play of the Day: How Presidential is Donald Trump?

October 2 The candidate has high negatives, but still leads in the polls.

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton Deleted Her RSVP to the Debate

October 1 The Democratic frontrunner has problems with these kind of messages.


Play of the Day: Putin and Obama Have an Awkward Meeting in New York

September 30 The two presidents shook hands, ate lunch and held talks during the United Nations General Assembly.