Play of the Day

Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
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Play of the Day: An Honest Koch Industries Ad?

October 30 The Daily Show gets a new sponsor.

Play of the Day: The Midterm Toxicity of President Obama

October 29 Everyone's running away from the guy who lies in the White House.

Play of the Day: The Politics of Obama's New Ebola Czar Appointment

October 27 SNL looks at Ron Klain's new job.

Do Stoners Come Up With Government-Funded Research Programs?

October 23 Late-night hosts asks his audience to separate real from fake projects.

Play of the Day: How Television Could Save the Supreme Court

October 20 Last Week Tonight takes on the camera ban at the court.

Play of the Day: The Latest Scandal to Blow Over Florida

October 17 Fangate is the newest controversy.

Play of the Day: The Newest Midterm Debate Strategy

October 16 Running against the president works for both parties.

Play of the Day: How to Court the Midterm Voter

October 15 Stephen Colbert looks at campaign ads aimed at women.

Play of the Day: The Cost of Midterm Madness

October 14 Both parties are adept at raising money.

Play of the Day: Could This Be The New Republican Stance on Same-Sex Marriage

October 10 Where does 2016 contender Rand Paul stand on the issue?

Play of the Day: The Best Name for the Fight Against ISIS

October 9 What's the best way to talk about armed conflict? Stephen Colbert gets in the Name Chamber 5000.

Play of the Day: Is Tobacco the Cure to Ebola?

October 8 Stephen Colbert examines ZMapp's contribution to the fight against the virus.

Play of the Day: The GOP Has a Strategy to Combat Ebola

October 7 The Colbert Report examines Todd Kincannon's plan to deal with the disease.

Play of the Day: How ISIS Is Beating President Obama

October 6 Saturday Night Live takes on the president.

Play of the Day: A Texas Secession Could Solve Our Ebola Problem

October 3 Stephen Colbert looks at the first case of the disease in the U.S.

Play of the Day: How the Media Should Be Covering the Ebola Virus

October 2 The CDC announcement was actually good news, claims The Daily Show.

Play of the Day: Why Congress Isn't Passing Any Bills

October 1 The legislative process reminds Jon Stewart of a really terrible dinner date.

Play of the Day: How to Start a Non-War

September 30 The British approach is different than the American approach.

Play of the Day: The Problem with Drone Strikes

September 29 Last Week Tonight examines American use of unmanned aerial vehicles.