Play of the Day

Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
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Play of the Day: How to Start a Non-War

9:29 AM ET The British approach is different than the American approach.

Play of the Day: The Problem with Drone Strikes

September 29 Last Week Tonight examines American use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Play of the Day: The Best Candidate to Replace Eric Holder

September 26 Is a TV host the right man for the job?

Play of the Day: The Absurd Art of the Congressional Attack Ad

September 25 Challengers to incumbent lawmakers are not above slinging mud.

Play of the Day: Syria, the iPhone 6 of Wars

September 24 It's bigger and it's going to be at least a two-year commitment.

Play of the Day: How to Explain Climate Change So Congress Can Actually Understand

September 23 The Daily Show uses a very simple metaphor.

Play of the Day: How to Use Twitter if You're a Politician

September 22 Jimmy Fallon has some advice.

Play of the Day: What 'Boots on the Ground' Look Like

September 19 Stephen Colbert looks at America's latest commitment to the Middle East.

Play of the Day: Why America Is More Afraid of Ebola Than ISIS

September 18 A new threat is here to scare Americans.

Play of the Day: The Frustrations of Hillary Clinton

September 17 The former Secretary of State is not in Iowa for the steak.

Play of the Day: How to Peer Pressure ISIS

September 16 The coalition to combat the group is growing.

Play of the Day: What Peru Can Do To Combat The Islamic State

September 15 The group is a threat to the whole world. Even Peru.

Play of the Day: President Obama Goes Full Tarantino

September 12 Obama looks to destroy and degrade the Islamic State.

Play of the Day: A Prerecorded Reaction To The President's Speech

September 11 Stephen Colbert had some thoughts hours before Obama spoke.

Play of the Day: ISIL May Have A Plagiarism Scandal

September 10 Did the Islamic State steal its ideas from the US?

Play of the Day: A Decade Of Stalling On Immigration Reform

September 9 If reform passed, what would everyone talk about?

Play of the Day: Why Student Debt Isn't Going Anywhere

September 8 John Oliver examines higher education funding on Last Week Tonight.

Play of the Day: Guess Whose Anti-Obama Attack Ads These Are

September 5 Democratic Senate candidates are not embracing the president.

Play of the Day: Frank Underwood's Advice For President Obama

September 4 Kevin Spacey stops by the Colbert Report in character.

Play of the Day: How Congress Reacted To Eric Cantor's New Paycheck

September 3 The Daily Show examines the former congressman's new job.