Play of the Day

Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
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Play of the Day: Michelle Obama Will Kick Your Butt

May 22 The White Hose posted a video of the First Lady's workout routine. She is a tough lady.

Play of the Day: Ask Bernie Sanders Anything... About Hillary Clinton

May 21 The presidential hopeful hosted an AMA on Reddit this week.

Nope. Nothing sexual here at all.

Play of the Day: Rick Perry's White House Chances

May 20 That 2011 corn dog photo is definitely going to follow him to 2016.

Play of the Day: Obama Joins Twitter

May 19 The president's social media presence expands, but he's still just a dad.

Play of the Day: Who Created ISIS?

May 18 Weekend Update clarifies Jeb Bush's brother's effect on the Middle East.

Play of the Day: Jeb Bush Doesn't Ride a Bucking Manatee

May 15 The former governor of Florida declared his 2016 candidacy accidentally in a Nevada hallway.

Play of the Day: Jeb Bush's Iraq Mistake

May 14 The presidential hopeful fumbles an easy question.

And now it's time to hit all the American territories.

Play of the Day: Barack Obama Completes His Travels to All the States

May 13 The president's visit to South Dakota was not long, but it happened.

Play of the Day: Unlike Britain, American Elections Are Always Very Porkcentric

May 12 Jon Stewart looks at the defining image from the British election.

Play of the Day: The Tonight Show Memes 2016

May 11 Jimmy Fallon's staff makes meme images out of presidential contenders Friday.

Play of the Day: Deflategate is a Political Story

May 8 Hillary Clinton could've helped Tom Brady with his communication problems.

Play of the Day: 2016's Field is the College Brochure of Presidential Politics

May 7 It's really quite a diverse group of contenders.

The resemblance is uncanny.

Play of the Day: Casting the 2016 Movie

May 6 Conan O'Brien has some clever ideas on actors playing presidential contenders.

You mess with the bull, you get the horns. Texans should know that better than anyone.

Play of the Day: Texas is Not Under Martial Law

May 5 Jon Stewart clarifies the reality of the federal republic system.

Play of the Day: Barack Obama Wants At Least One Child Left Behind

May 4 A DC student was a little snide with the president during an interview.

Play of the Day: More than Just a Weekend at Bernie's

May 1 Hillary Clinton finally has an official challenger for the 2016 Democratic nomination.

Play of the Day: The Clinton Campaign's New Logos

April 30 In order to garner more votes, Hillary has many more logo options.

Play of the Day: The Efficacy of Baltimore's Curfews

April 29 After a declaration of a state of emergency, Larry Wilmore wonders if giving teenagers nothing to do on a weekday the best route.

Play of the Day: Obama Yuks It Up All Over the Place

April 28 The White House Correspondents' Dinner is not the only place Obama gets laughs.

Play of the Day: Hillary Takes to Yelp

April 27 A campaign trip through New Hampshire sparks online reviews.