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Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
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Play of the Day: Gender in the Democratic Primary

8:58 AM ET Is there really a "special place in hell" for young women who support Bernie Sanders?

Play of the Day: Chris Christie Knows Marco Rubio is Caught in a Loop

February 9 Is the Floridian repeating a specific talking point or just sponsored by Vine?

Play of the Day: That Awkward Debate Entrance

February 8 Ben Carson couldn't quite get on stage Saturday night.

Play of the Day: 'Please Clap' for Jeb Bush

February 5 The Floridian is having trouble exciting his supporters.

Play of the Day: Ben Carson Isn't Dropping Out. He Just Needed Fresh Clothes

February 4 The GOP contender continues his strange campaign.

Play of the Day: Money Finally Gets Its Revenge on Bernie Sanders

February 3 The Iowa caucuses were determined by flipping coins and they did not come up for the Vermonter.

Play of the Day: Jeb Bush's Evolving Brand

February 2 Jimmy Kimmel looks at the 2016 contender's slogan.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump and the Seven Deadly Sins

January 29 He's pushing for evangelical voters, but there's something amiss.

Play of the Day: The Megyn Kelly/Donald Trump Feud Heats Up

January 28 The candidate will not attend Thursday's debate.

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton Campaigns in Poetry

January 27 Late-night dissects the CNN Democratic town hall.

Play of the Day: Trump Says He Could Shoot Someone and Not Lose Supporters

January 26 Can anything Trump says be considered a gaffe anymore?

Play of the Day: Trump May Be Having Doubts About the Palin Endorsement

January 25 Tina Fey returned to Saturday Night Live to impersonate the former Alaska governor.

Play of the Day: Jeb Bush Has Some Words for Donald Trump

January 22 There're not exactly strong words, but they're words nonetheless.

Play of the Day: More on Sarah Palin's Endorsement

January 21 Is she a Scrabble bag come to life? Or something worse than a word salad artist?

Play of the Day: Sarah Palin Endorses Trump, Also Invents a Word

January 20 Jimmy Kimmel has figured out what a "squirmish" is.

Play of the Day: Martin O'Malley Just Wants Someone to Pay Attention to Him

January 19 Sunday's Democratic debate didn't do the former Maryland governor any favors.

Play of the Day: Michael Bloomberg Could Upend the Presidential Race

January 18 Who doesn't want to see two New York billionaires run against one another in 2016?

"Hello young people!"

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton is Not Connecting With Young Voters

January 15 The Democratic frontrunner is losing millennials to Bernie Sanders.

Play of the Day: Diamond Joe is Here to Cure Cancer

January 14 The vice president got a big assignment from his boss.

Play of the Day: The Oregon Occupiers Need More Supplies

January 13 When you're battling federal government overreach, french vanilla coffee creamer is key.

Play of the Day: Obama Prepares for His Final State of the Union Address

January 12 The Daily Show and The Late Show look at the president's upcoming address.

Bush greets supporters in July.

Play of the Day: Jeb Bush is a 'Joyful Tortoise'

January 11 The 2016 candidate keeps toys in his pants pockets as a symbol for his campaign.

Donald Trump wants to know if Ted Cruz is speaking in front of the correct flags.

Play of the Day: Trump, Cruz and Canada

January 8 The real estate mogul is questioning the Texan's eligibility to be president.

Play of the Day: North Korea's Hydrogen Bomb Test Is Confusing

January 7 Late-night TV looks at the hermit kingdom's latest claims.

Play of the Day: Some Malheur Solutions

January 6 Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel have some ideas for the situation in Oregon.

Play of the Day: New Year, Same Trump

January 5 The real estate mogul begin 2016 leading the polls.

Play of the Day: 2008 Hillary Meets 2016 Hillary

December 21, 2015 An SNL sketch looks at the difference eight years can make.

Play of the Day: Alternatives for Vlad Putin's 'Gunslinger' Walk

December 18, 2015 Stephen Colbert has some suggestions for Obama to counter the Russian leader's gait.

Play of the Day: Many Questions Emerge From Tuesday's Debate

December 17, 2015 Can Donald Trump "insult his way to the nomination?" Is Ben Carson asleep? Why was this thing held in Las Vegas?

Play of the Day: Jeb's Campaign is Just an Elaborate Nigerian Prince Scam

December 16, 2015 Bush's newest campaign email sounds very familiar.

Play of the Day: After Paris, Maybe Earth Will be 'Hospitable For Human Life' in the Future

December 15, 2015 The Paris climate summit set the bar pretty low.

Play of the Day: 'W' Examines the Republican Presidential Field

December 14, 2015 Will Ferrell reprises his impression on Saturday Night Live to deconstruct the GOP race.

Play of the Day: That Eagle Thought Trump's Hair Was a Nest

December 11, 2015 Late-night TV has more on the confrontation between the real estate mogul and a bald eagle.

Two American symbols in happier times.

Play of the Day: Trump Versus Eagle

December 10, 2015 Time releases behind-the-scenes video of its shoot with the GOP frontrunner.

Play of the Day: The Backlash Against Trump's Latest Plan

December 9, 2015 Republican luminaries are uniting against the 2016 frontrunner.

Play of the Day: The President's Speech Was Not Exactly Uplifting

December 8, 2015 The American public was OK until Obama called the Islamic State "a cancer."

Stuffed sharks might be better suited to America's intellectual levels.

Play of the Day: Obama's Aiming a Little High

December 7, 2015 The American people don't have the strongest vocabulary skills, so "existential" might be a little aggressive a word for the president to use.

"Please like me."

Play of the Day: Breaking Down The Likability of Ted Cruz

December 4, 2015 The 2016 hopeful's former college roommate has percentages on how much he hates Cruz.

Play of the Day: The Government Studies Old People Dating

December 3, 2015 There is some information that even the feds shouldn't want to know.

Don't worry, Jeb. You can always vote for Deez Nuts.

Play of the Day: Jeb Has Plenty of Non-Hillary Options

December 2, 2015 The Florida Republican recently said "anybody is better than Hillary Clinton."