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Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
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Play of the Day: Andrew McCabe Had a Terrible Birthday Weekend

8:51 AM ET Getting fired is no one's idea of a good birthday.

Play of the Day: Rex Tillerson Knew How This Was Going to End

March 19 The former Cabinet member was reportedly fired on the toilet.

Play of the Day: Mueller Is Looking Into The Trump Organization

March 16 Was the president's "red line" crossed?

Play of the Day: Trump's New Idea is Out of This World

March 15 The president wants a "space force."

Play of the Day: Farewell, Rex

March 14 President Donald Trump fired his State Department chief on Twitter.

Play of the Day: What Besty DeVos Understands About Her Job

March 13 The Education Department chief doesn't seem to know her role and responsibilities.

Play of the Day: More on the North Korea Talks

March 12 How did Trump decide to meet with Kim?

Play of the Day: The U.S. and North Korea Are Going to Talk

March 9 Trump and Kim have tentative plans to schedule a meeting.

Play of the Day: A 'Stormy' Week for the White House

March 8 Trump's being sued and his top economic advisor left.

Play of the Day: Some White House Nicknames Are Better Than Others

March 5 "Javanka" is definitely better than "Devoncé" or "Mr. Magoo."

Play of the Day: Trump Talks Guns Again

March 2 Is the president coming for your firearms?

Play of the Day: HUD is Looking for a 'Decent Chair'

March 1 Who cares if it costs $5,000?

Play of the Day: Arming Teachers is One Solution to School Shootings

February 23 The president suggests giving bonuses to educators who carry a weapon.

Play of the Day: President Trump's Listening Session Notes

February 22 The president had some teens to the White House and made sure to remember to hear them.

Play of the Day: Rex Tillerson and Russian Election Meddling

February 12 The State Department chief has an interesting attitude about election hacking by other world powers.

Play of the Day: What Exactly Was Rob Porter's Job?

February 9 The fired staffer was important, but what did he do at the White House?

Play of the Day: Trump Loves a Parade

February 8 Reports say the president wants a military parade like "the one in France."

Play of the Day: The Trump Spanish Phrasebook

February 6 "No entiendo" is not the same as "I don't have a Nintendo."

Play of the Day: More Responses to Trump's First State of the Union

February 5 Democrats grimaced at the president, but what should voters see in that response?

Play of the Day: Trump's Promise Logic

February 2 The president claims his administration has fulfilled more promises than he actually promised.

Play of the Day: The State of the Union Responses

February 1 The Democrats in the audience were unhappy and Rep. Joe Kennedy III had a problem with his mouth.

Play of the Day: Recapping the (Short) Shutdown

January 29 Late-night hosts note that another shutdown could be coming in a few weeks.

Play of the Day: Trump's Relationship With Robert Mueller

January 26 The president says he'll testify under oath, but a new report suggests he wanted to fire the investigator.

Play of the Day: Trump Heads to Davos

January 25 His wife won't accompany him, but the president is heading to Switzerland.

Play of the Day: Some Smelly Shutdown Deal Metaphors

January 19 Nancy Pelosi compared it to the product of a productive dog walk and Jimmy Kimmel joked about something that comes out of a horse.

Play of the Day: The Negotiations to Avert a Shutdown Are Like a Hostage Movie

January 18 This time, however, no one has a particular set of skills.

Play of the Day: Trump Loves Norway

January 12 In a controversial week, the president dumped on developing nations and announced a fake plane sale. On the upside, he has warmed to one Scandinavian nation.

Play of the Day: Trump's Arms Are Folded and He's Ready to Deal

January 11 The president has a particular stance that he used in his bipartisan immigration meeting this week.

Play of the Day: The President Stands For the National Anthem

January 10 Does Donald Trump know the lyrics to the "Star-Spangled Banner?"

Play of the Day: The 'Very Stable Genius' President

January 9 President Donald Trump joins an illustrious group of people who have buttressed their own intelligence.

Play of the Day: More From the Michael Wolff Book on Trump

January 8 After the book's release, a series of salacious details have emerged.

Play of the Day: Trump's Evening Cheeseburger

January 5 A controversial new book has more revelations about the president.

Play of the Day: Trump and Kim Compare 'Buttons'

January 4 Two leaders of nuclear powers trade barbs through the media.

President Donald Tr, ... ]

Play of the Day: Trump Can't Deal With North Korea. He's Too Busy Keeping Planes in the Air.

January 3 The president takes credit on one thing and said "we'll see" on another.

Play of the Day: Trump's Dry Mouth

December 29, 2017 The president struggles to hydrate sometimes.

(Official Photo by Paul D. Williams)

Play of the Day: Trump Wants to Get to the Moon (and Maybe Mars)

December 28, 2017 The president lays out his plans for the U.S. space program

Play of the Day: Ivanka Praises the Tax Plan

December 27, 2017 The GOP's tax plan passed and the first family is touting it.

Play of the Day: Trump Joins Disney's Hall of Presidents

December 26, 2017 Late-night hosts roasted the newest robot at the attraction.

Play of the Day: The Trumps' Absentee Ballots

December 18, 2017 The First Family didn't exactly correctly vote in the New York mayoral race.

Play of the Day: Omarosa Leaves the White House With a Flourish

December 14, 2017 The former Trump advisor had to be escorted from the premises.