Play of the Day

Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
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Play of the Day: Will Chelsea Clinton's Baby Run For President in 2016?

April 18 Everyone has baby fever after the announcement.

Lumberjack was the worst job on the list.

Play of the Day: The Five Worst Jobs in America Surprisingly Don't Include Politician

April 17 Government workers also don't make the list, surprisingly.

Play of the Day: Your Tax Dollars at Work

April 16 Craig Ferguson is happy with the return on his California taxes.

Play of the Day: Putin Is Making New Friends Since Leaving the G8

April 15 The Russian leader has been missing a lot since leaving the G8.

Play of the Day: How to Visualize Paycheck Fairness

April 14 Fallon looks at some hypotheticals in the Senate.

Candidates in ads shot paper copies of The Affordable Care Act with shotguns.

Play of the Day: GOP Candidates Promise to 'Kill' Obamacare

April 11 Watch GOP candidates use their guns to 'kill' the Affordable Care Act.

Play of the Day: Obama's Equal Pay Hypocrisy

April 10 Watch Stephen Colbert explain how White House women are getting the short end of the pay stub

Play of the Day: Geography Is a Democratic Process

April 9 According to a new survey, the less Americans know about Ukraine's location, the more likely they are to support U.S. intervention.

Play of the Day: Jeb Bush's Border Problem

April 8 Stephen Colbert balks at the presidential hopeful's comments.

Play of the Day: The Accuracy of Fox News Charts

April 7 SNL mocks the network's coverage of the Affordable Care Act.

Play of the Day: A New Kind of Republican Budget

April 4 Jimmy Fallon looks at the Paul Ryan plan.

Play of the Day: The Phone Call Heard Round The World

April 3 Fallon lampoons Vladimir Putin, Sarah Palin and the NSA in one comedy bit.

Play of the Day: What Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Really Mean

April 2 Stephen Colbert looks at the actual number of people who signed up.

Play of the Day: Bridgegate Solved

April 1 Chris Christie's report exonerates the New Jersey governor.

Play of the Day: Why Social Media Loves Obamacare

March 31 Saturday Night Live gives us a window into the White House social media team.

It and its comrades are coming.

Play of the Day: Russia's New Weapons of Aquatic Destruction

March 28 Russia now has control of Ukraine's defense dolphins.

Play of the Day: The Crafty Case Against Health Care

March 27 The Daily Show looks at the Hobby Lobby case before the Supreme Court.

Play of the Day: Putin's High-Level Sanction Technology

March 26 Sanctions are going both ways with Russia and the United States.

Play of the Day: Obama's a Target for Lunchroom Bullying

March 25 Things are getting tense in the Netherlands.

Play of the Day: On Russia, News Media's Dirty Words

March 24 Fallon examines what you can and cannot say about the Russian news.