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Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
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Play of the Day: Fox News Has A Beef With How Ferguson Has Been Covered

10:02 AM ET A news organization is upset with how other news organizations are covering a national event.

Play of the Day: The Problem With Internet Headlines

August 25 Last Week Tonight's John Oliver literally destroys something, instead of using words.

Play of the Day: Paul Ryan Really Wants To Drive A Bus

August 22 What is the Wisconsin representative's true calling?

Play of the Day: The 2016 Contender Everyone Wants To Forget About

August 21 Is Mitt Romney waiting in the wings?

Play of the Day: How Hillary Accidentally Announced Her Bid For President

August 20 Why else would the former Secretary of State visit Iowa?

Play of the Day: Why Are Chris Christie And Hillary Clinton Celebrating?

August 19 The Tonight Show looks at 2016 contenders.

Play of the Day: Everything Wrong With How The Police Have Handled Ferguson

August 18 Last Week Tonight takes on the situation in Missouri.

Play of the Day: How America's Great Experiment Ends

August 15 Jimmy Fallon declares "We had a good run, America."

Play of the Day: Is Hillary Trying To Distance Herself From Obama?

August 13 Jimmy Fallon has some new footage of the two.

Play of the Day: Anthony Weiner's Life After Politics

August 12 Jimmy Fallon looks at the former Congressman's new venture.

Play of the Day: How Payday Lenders Outsmart The Government

August 11 Regulating them is a lot like playing a sad game of Whac-A-Mole.

Play of the Day: What Obama Has In Common With Flat Stanley

August 8 Mitch McConnell is not good at making fun of the president.

Play of the Day: How Hillary Clinton Handles Real 'Hard Choices'

August 6 Stephen Colbert doesn't like the title of Clinton's book.

Play of the Day: The End Of Independent Journalism

August 4 John Oliver is worried about the future of independent news.

Play of the Day: The Weird Logic Behind Corporate Inversion

July 31 The Colbert Report wants to know what's exactly involved in such a move.

Play of the Day: Can Anybody Broker A Lasting Ceasefire Between Israel and Hamas?

July 29 John Kerry isn't the answer, says The Daily Show.

Play of the Day: America's Totally Nonsensical Nuclear Stockpile

July 28 John Oliver looks at the quantity of American nukes.