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Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
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Play of the Day: The DEA Warns Against Stoner Bunnies

9:31 AM ET Late night shows highlight a federal warning against unintended consequences of Utah's forays into medical marijuana.

Play of the Day: Don't Worry, The NSA Archived All of Hillary Clinton's Email

March 4 Also, Netanyahu speaks at Congress to mixed reviews.

Play of the Day: Jim Inhofe Has a Secret Weapon to Disprove Global Warming

March 3 The Oklahoman brought a snowball to the Capitol and waved it around.

Play of the Day: The Dress is Really Just a Symbol

March 2 Fallon and SNL compare it to Obama, Last Week Tonight ties it to net neutrality.

Play of the Day: The Plight of the Whistleblowers

February 27 The Daily Show looks at protections for feds who blow the whistle on waste, fraud and abuse.

Play of the Day: The Real Question If Homeland Security Shuts Down

February 26 Americans don't care about a DHS shutdown, except for one thing.

Play of the Day: Diamond Joe's Rites of Passage

February 25 The Daily Show takes another look at Joe Biden massaging Stephanie Carter.

Rudy Giuliani later tried to clarify his comments.

Play of the Day: Obama Loves America… Or Does He?

February 24 Late-night television hosts eviscerate Rudy Giuliani over his comments at a weekend fundraiser.

Play of the Day: How to Campaign For the Bench

February 23 Last Week Tonight takes a look at American judicial elections.

Play of the Day: Spot the Similarities in the Bushes

February 20 Jeb may be trying to differentiate himself from his brother, but it is not exactly working.

Play of the Day: Diamond Joe Strikes Again

February 19 Biden dominates Ash Carter's swearing in ceremony.

Rushmore is not George Washington's first relationship with being stoned.

Play of the Day: Getting High With George Washington

February 18 America's president was also America's first pot smoker.

Play of the Day: Ginsburg Prepares Her Own Martinis

February 17 The Late Show has exclusive sketches from Supreme Court hearings.

Play of the Day: Jeb Bush Should've Been More Candid Over Email

February 13 There's some embarrassing stuff in there.

Play of the Day: Biblical Law in the American South

February 12 While Alabama uses the Bible to defend its gay marriage ban, another state is making the book an official symbol.

Play of the Day: A Curious Pentagon Expenditure

February 11 A report says the Defense Department spent half a million dollars on lots of little blue pills.

Play of the Day: Obama's Taking Away Our High (War) Horse

February 10 The White House needs to do a better job of reassuring Americans negotiating the fog of war.

Play of the Day: Prescription Drugs or Methamphetamine?

February 9 Big pharma is learning a lot from the Walter Whites of the world.

Play of the Day: Sometimes, a Family Name Can Be a Detriment

February 6 Jeb Bush has a famous name, but are Americans tired of that name?

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton Weighs In On Vaccinations... And Other Things

February 5 The former State Department head took to Twitter to point out some obvious facts.