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Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
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Play of the Day: Ben Carson Wants to Arm Kindergarten Teachers

9:20 AM ET The 2016 candidate is under fire for comments made in the wake of the Oregon shooting.

Play of the Day: Are Voters Souring on Donald Trump?

October 7 Late-night hosts look at the slumping GOP frontrunner.

Play of the Day: How to Stem the Tide of Gun Violence

October 6 No one seems to know how to stop all the shootings in the U.S.

Play of the Day: Jason Chaffetz Doesn't Need the Secret Service to Embarrass Him

October 5 Last Week Tonight examines the latest Secret Service scandal.

Play of the Day: How Presidential is Donald Trump?

October 2 The candidate has high negatives, but still leads in the polls.

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton Deleted Her RSVP to the Debate

October 1 The Democratic frontrunner has problems with these kind of messages.


Play of the Day: Putin and Obama Have an Awkward Meeting in New York

September 30 The two presidents shook hands, ate lunch and held talks during the United Nations General Assembly.

For comparison's sake, Barack Obama is listed as being 6'1".

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton is Getting Taller

September 29 The candidate's latest controversy involves her changing height.

Boehner made his announcement Friday.

Play of the Day: Boehner is Leaving Just in Time for Halloween

September 28 The Ohioan's imminent exit provides fodder for late-night hosts.

Play of the Day: Mr. Pope Goes to Washington

September 25 John Boehner cried, the pontiff ate with the homeless and everyone was interested in the Catholic leader.

Play of the Day: All Pope, All the Time

September 24 Pope Francis is in the United States and late-night TV is all over this historic event.

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton's Way With Words

September 22 It is difficult to interpret exactly what the Democrat is saying.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump Has His Own Bible

September 21 When the candidate said the scripture was his favorite book, no one knew that he was talking about the King Trump Version.

So many candidates.

Play of the Day: Late-Night Gives Us More Debate Wrapup

September 18 Ben Carson is too languid and the Trump/Paul feud heats up.

The guy on the left was once played by a bear in a campaign ad by the guy on the right.

Play of the Day: Ted Cruz Channels Ronald Reagan

September 17 The Texan has an advertisement that looks and sounds a lot like the Gipper's iconic 1980s bear ad.

Trump hands out with some like-minded friends in 2006.

Play of the Day: Trump Appeals to Religious Voters

September 16 The candidate's poll numbers with evangelicals are increasing.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump Learned a Lot In School

September 15 The mogul-turned-candidate went to military school and knows a lot about war from his experience there.

Ew. Gross.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump Wants to Do What With His Daughter?

September 14 The candidate's mouth gets him in trouble again.

A good hat with a good slogan adds up to "good candidate. "

Play of the Day: Donald Trump's Hat is the Real Star

September 11 With the ubiquity of the "Make America Great" headwear, Stephen Colbert has ideas on chapeaus for many candidates.

American is what happens when English goes rogue.

Play of the Day: Sarah Palin Speaks American

September 10 After Jeb Bush spoke Spanish last week, Trump and Palin want him to be unilingual on the campaign trail.

Play of the Day: Don't Give Hillary Anything Electronic

September 9 If it has buttons, Hillary Clinton doesn't know how to use it.

Play of the Day: Clinton's Email and Obama's Religion

September 3 Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel tackle the important issues of our time.

Play of the Day: Kanye West for President

September 1 If Trump can lead in the polls in 2015, why can't an outspoken musician in 2020?

Play of the Day: Freedom of Religion and Speech Explained

August 24 When it comes to discrimination, the Constitution isn't what some people think it is.

Play of the Day: What Trumped Learned From WrestleMania

August 21 The real estate mogul is a fighter and he got that from WWE.

Play of the Day: Clinton Has Some Explaining To Do

August 20 After being pressed on her email scandal, the Democrat can't come up with a good answer.

Trump and a friend in 2006.

Play of the Day: Trump's Immigration Plan is Quite Restrictive

August 19 The mogul's new position paper would've kept his own grandfather out of the United States.

Clinton enjoys a pork chop at the Iowa State Fair over the weekend.

Play of the Day: Fun at the Iowa State Fair

August 18 Trump's got a chopper and Clinton is her usual secretive self.

Play of the Day: High Level Diplomacy isn't Always Glamorous

August 17 The relationship between the United States and Cuba is changing.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump Sings!

August 14 Late Night has some video of the real estate magnate's version of "Witch Doctor."

Play of the Day: Bernie Sanders Has Some New Slogans

August 13 Sanders leads Clinton in New Hampshire polls for the first time.

Play of the Day: Trump and Clinton Are Not Concerned… Or Are They?

August 12 The frontrunners in each party are having some frontrunner problems.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump Talks About Women

August 11 The mogul's feud with Megyn Kelly is dominating the headlines.

Play of the Day: Megyn Kelly Cut Deep at the Debate

August 10 Bill Maher looks at the moderator's hard-hitting questions.

Play of the Day: Casting the 2016 GOP Field

August 7 Conan O'Brien finds people -- and things -- who look like the players in Thursday's debate.

Play of the Day: Time to Get Ready for the GOP Debate

August 6 Late-night TV hosts skewer the candidates the night before the Fox News event.

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton Was Born the Normal Way… Just Like You

August 5 The Daily Show has the newest ad from the Democratic frontrunner.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump Keeps Talking and Talking

August 4 The mogul and 2016 GOP frontrunner continues to say outrageous things.

Play of the Day: Human and Panda Residents in D.C. Have the Same Rights

August 3 Last Week Tonight tackles Congressional representation of the nation's capital this week.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump is a Human Emoji

July 31 He may not email or text, but he really doesn't have to.