Play of the Day

Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, mocking politicians and newsmakers.
Brad Barket/AP

Play of the Day: The Russian Theory Of The Zombie Plane Crash

9:29 AM ET Maybe the Dutch are responsible for the MH17 tragedy. But probably not.

Play of the Day: America's Prison Population, Explained

July 21 Last Week Tonight looks at the makeup of incarcerated Americans.

Play of the Day: Deport Those Migrant Children Out of Love

July 18 The real way to spell "compassion" is d-e-p-o-r-t-a-t-i-o-n, according to Fox News.

Play of the Day: 'Three' Benefits of Rick Perry's New Look

July 17 He looks more serious, more intelligent and... one more...

Play of the Day: Why Aren't Immigrant Children Filling Out The Proper Forms?

July 16 The Daily Show looks at the border crisis.

Play of the Day: Something About Obama Seems ... 'Shady'

July 15 John Boehner is suing the president over his use of executive orders.

Play of the Day: American Optimism Feeds Our Income Inequality

July 14 America might just be a national of gamblers.

The man in the horse mask waited to meet Obama in Denver.

Play of the Day: The Odd Side Effect of Colorado Legalizing Pot

July 10 Obama met some some interesting people in Denver.

Play of the Day: Warren Harding Isn't The Only President To Write Steamy Love Letters

July 9 Letterman shows off some sexy correspondence between the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Play of the Day: Alternative Titles for Hillary Clinton's Hard Choices

July 8 Sales for Clinton's book have stalled.

Play of the Day: America Is Winning at Marriage Equality

June 30 John Oliver looks at the discrepancy in gay rights in different states.

Play of the Day: On Iraq, Congress is Always Wrong

June 27 Late-night hosts take on Congress, the Clintons and marijuana reform.

Play of the Day: The Obama Conspiracies, Immigrant Children Edition

June 26 Who is to blame for the flood of kids crossing the border?

Play of the Day: A Poor-Off Will Decide 2016

June 25 Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden fight to claim the title of "least rich."

Play of the Day: The Only Correct Military Move for Iraq

June 24 The U.S. sends 300 military advisers to Iraq.

Play of the Day: How a TV Doctor Sells His Magic to Capitol Hill

June 23 Last Week Tonight looks at television personality Mehmet Oz testimony.

Play of the Day: Dick Cheney Is a True Conservative

June 20 The Colbert Report looks at the former veep's op-ed.

Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton's Biggest Challenger from the RNC is a Squirrel

June 19 An absurd follower of the former Secretary of State keeps popping up at events.

Play of the Day: Same-Sex Marriage Makes Monumental Strides, Some Backwards

June 18 Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and the great state of Texas are making sure that gay marriage doesn't advance too far.