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Chafee ad­voc­ated for a more gentle United States.

Lincoln Chafee Just Dropped Out of the Presidential Race

Announcement comes just two days after Jim Webb left the pack.

Play of the Day: Hillary Never Stops Trying to Sell Her Book

The Benghazi hearing took forever, but the former State Department chief found an opening to tout "Hard Choices."

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said: “It is astounding that employees who should have been prosecuted, fired, or at a minimum, severely disciplined for their misconduct, were instead given undeserved promotions and bonuses."

DEA Paid Bonuses to Employees With Records of Sexual Harassment, Other Misconduct

Justice watchdog details $5,000 awarded to official reprimanded for yelling, porn-watching.

Hillary Clinton Faces the Benghazi Committee

Both the Democratic front-runner and her GOP questioners said they were focused on finding the truth, not politics.

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill following meetings with House Republican leaders and the Freedom Caucus members.

Freedom Caucus Gives Paul Ryan a Majority —but Not a Mandate

A “supermajority” of the group’s members will support him for speaker.

Ryan has said he will serve as speaker if he can be a unifying figure.

Can Paul Ryan Save the Defense Department from Sequestration?

As the defense policy bill awaits a threatened veto, Washington wonders whether the Wisconsin Republican will become House speaker — and resolve the budget impasse.

Regulators: Bill Could Make Cars More Vulnerable to Hackers

Republicans want to boost the security and privacy of connected cars, but the FTC says the House plan would backfire.

Play of the Day: Joe Biden Just Made Hillary Clinton Very Happy

The Democratic frontrunner is ready to go to Vegas or have a dance party.

The Freedom Caucus Is Not Ready for Paul Ryan Just Yet

Boehner believes Ryan can get conservatives to “yes.” But there is work ahead.

Biden to Clinton and the Rest of DC: Stop the Madness

The vice president says four more years of status quo “may be more than this country can take.”