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Last Week Tonight: Trump's Wall Won't Work, Let's Just Give Everyone Waffle Irons

John Oliver goes long on the contracting dream (or nightmare) for America's southern border.

Two Longstanding Good-Government Groups Join Forces

Center for Effective Government to become part of Project on Government Oversight.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Flint Water Crisis Hearing Brings Dueling Calls for Resignations

Republicans call for the head of the EPA chief, while Democrats want the governor of Michigan to step down.

Play of the Day: That's a Lot of Confetti, John Kasich

After winning his home state, the Ohio governor was nearly buried in festive paper.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters in Palm Beach, Fla.

Trump's Very Super Tuesday

Even as he faces growing resistance from Republican party leaders, Trump is growing his support with Republican voters.

Republican Marco Rubio ends his presidential campaign.

The Rubio Campaign Ends Where It Began

The Florida senator suspended his campaign at home in the Sunshine state, after voters there swung decisively in favor of Donald Trump.

Susan Hedman, who resigned Feb. 1 as head of EPA’s Region 5, testifies before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

'EPA Responded in the Only Way We Could,' Says Official at Center of Flint Crisis

Hedman tells fiery House hearing agency did no wrong, explains her resignation.

Huge, if true.

Play of the Day: Some of Those Chicago Protest Signs Truly Insulted Trump

Trump may say some inflammatory things, but accusing him of putting ketchup on his hot dogs is way more serious.