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DHS Spending Bill Stalls in the Senate As Deadline for a Partial Shutdown Draws Closer

Mitch McConnell now faces the same problem with his party’s right flank as Boehner does in the House.

Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., chairman of the House Budget Committee, plans to have listening sessions with small groups of members before unveiling his own version of the budget.

Obama's Budget Is Done. Now It's the GOP's Turn.

Republicans must overcome internal divides to craft the blueprint that will guide vital decisions for the rest of the year.

Play of the Day: Old Testament Law with Mike Huckabee

The former Arkansas governor is against gay marriage, but where does he stand on mixing fabrics?

Obama’s Budget Message to Feds: ‘I Have Your Back’

White House unveils its plan for ‘strengthening the federal workforce.’

Lawmakers to Tackle Homeland Security Funding This Week

A week that begins with Budget Day will also include debates on the fate of Obama's health and immigration policies.

Play of the Day: Fun With PAC Acronyms

If Chris Christie is laughing his bottom off, what is Joe Biden doing?

Bill Targets Federal Employees' Bonuses – Yet Again

Senator wants to stop rewards for those who damage the integrity of the federal government.

Government Privacy Board Tells Obama: Shut Down NSA Mass Spying Now

The White House has been quiet on surveillance reform since the USA Freedom Act crumbled in the Senate last November.

Michael Horowitz testifies before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

New Leader of Federal IGs Stresses Value of Independence

Justice Department's Horowitz joined last year's protest of agency "stonewalling."