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Trump Demands the Prosecution of His Defeated Rival

Even as he admits he’s not supposed to interfere with the Justice Department, the president just can’t help himself.

Chairman Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., left, watches as ranking member Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., asks questions at the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Senate Panel Requests Information on Whistleblower Retaliation at TSA

Committee leadership highlights poor FEVS scores on questions relating to whistleblower protections, "arbitrary" actions.

Play of the Day: From Russia With Cash

Paul Manafort had a thing for James Bond references.

The Strange Case of Paul Manafort’s Multiple U.S. Passports

According to court documents, the president’s former campaign manager held three passports and had applied for 10 over the last decade.

NASA Has Found Another 20 Promising Planets For Humans to Colonize

One of these new planets is ripe for an "Interstellar"-style space mission.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump's Penchant For Branding

The Cut Cut Cut Act is a marketing victory for the GOP.

“We must never allow the consequences of war to be hidden from Americans,” Tammy Duckworth wrote.

Senator to Donald Trump: Americans Deserve to Know the Costs of a North Korea Conflict

In a letter to the president, Tammy Duckworth cites the lack of debate before she was deployed to Iraq—and insists that it not happen again.

Donald Trump’s Choice to Lead America Back to The Moon Has a New Take on Climate Change

In the past, NASA appointee Jim Bridenstine supported cuts to climate research funding. Now, he says he believes humans are probably responsible for climate change.

Brennan testifies on Capitol Hill in May.

A Former CIA Director Describes the Dangers of 'Trump Unleashed'

John Brennan praises the advisers who restrain Donald Trump’s impulses, calls out the president’s “enablers” inside the White House, and considers the prospect of World War III.