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Gates: Vehicles blaze new procurement trail

Mine-resistant, all-terrain vehicles mark a significant departure from the slow development cycles typical of most major defense programs, says Pentagon chief.

USAID nomination raises agency questions

Agriculture official's nomination sparks concerns about the future of USDA research programs and USAID's relationship with State.

Rule would require contractors to vet employees for conflicts of interest

Proposed change to the Federal Acquisition Regulation would put burden on contractors, rather than the government.

Gates stepping up fight against roadside bombs

Defense secretary is creating a departmentwide task force aimed at combating the growing threat of improvised explosive devices in Afghanistan.

IT acquisitions present new challenges for Pentagon

Top Defense official says department must be nimble in providing soldiers with state-of-the-art technologies.

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan is charged with premeditated murder.

Alleged Army gunman’s former patients need follow-up care, observers say

Service declines to discuss steps Army is taking, if any, to help soldiers formerly treated by psychiatrist.

Tennessee Valley Authority union joins larger engineers federation

Union will work to raise TVA debt ceiling in exchange for compromises on workers’ right to organize.


White House push to reduce contractors is at odds with expanding role of agencies

President Obama's ambitious agenda is running head on into its desire to cut contracting. Something has to give.

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