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Report faults State IG's management, but not motives

Howard Krongard characterized as unpopular boss who often dressed down employees and nixed travel requests.

Intel suffers from weak congressional oversight, senators told

Bipartisan bill introduced would create a committee in the Senate with funding and authorization power over intelligence.

Bush signs Defense bill

Measure includes $6 billion in unrequested domestic funds, including $3 billion for Louisiana residents displaced by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Bush signs order with, from left, OMB Associate Director Robert Shea, Deputy Director Clay Johnson and Director Jim Nussle.

Bush orders agencies to appoint ‘performance improvement officers’

Officials must make sure agency goals are “sufficiently aggressive” and “realistic.”

'Brusque' State IG denies making partisan decisions

Fueled in part by staff discontent, IG has been under congressional scrutiny.

TSA chief denies screeners tipped to security testing

Administrator testifies that e-mail mentioning testing did not violate integrity or tip off employees.

Senate panel OKs bill to expand telework eligibility

Bill would make all federal employees eligible to telework unless they fall under certain categories that would prohibit it.

Refusing to Turn on a Dime

Recent polls show that American public opinion on Iraq is like an ocean liner, very slow to turn.

Members of Congress also wait on FOIA requests

Now in control of Congress, Democrats have begun taking issue with policy.

Congress buys time, still needs to resolve budget disputes

Continuing resolution keeps agencies open until Dec. 14, but 11 spending bills remain to be passed.