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GSA issues strongly worded response to senator’s criticisms

Statement follows a speech in which Sen. Charles Grassley accused the agency’s chief of pressuring contract officers to renew a technology agreement under unfavorable terms.

Interagency contract use expected to decline

Large departments like Defense want to reduce their dependence on other agencies, top officials say.

Senate makes dent in Labor-HHS bill earmarks

Democrats want to complete a conference on the spending measure by the end of the month and send it to President Bush for an expected veto.

Panel backs bill to boost contract opportunities for veterans

Measure would place veterans who are small business owners at the top of the priority list for receiving federal contracts.

Senate to vote on moving earmark money to kids' health

Amendment to withhold funding for pet projects until all eligible children under 18 are receiving health coverage aims to put senators on the spot.

Senator renews attacks on GSA chief

Charles Grassley, ranking member of the Finance Committee, repeats charges that Lurita Doan improperly interfered with information technology contract.

Employee advocates cite disparities in Hatch Act enforcement

Career civil servants face much harsher consequences for breaking the law than most political appointees, witnesses say.

Senate backs provision to curb premium class travel abuse

Amendment would forbid federal employees from using appropriated funds for unjustified premium airline tickets.

Senate approves $55 billion in Commerce, Justice, science spending

The appropriations measure now moves to conference with the House, which passed a $53.5 billion version in July.

Labor union blasts FAA's new navigation approach

Vendor has too much control over the new system, union president argues.