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Waxman claims Cabinet political trips funded by taxpayers

Ranking member of oversight committee chaired by Waxman calls the report "hopelessly political."

HUD slices $377 million in disaster relief to meet mandated cut

Agency officials decide to dip into the disaster relief pool because it typically takes states a long time to spend those dollars so the reductions would not be felt immediately.

Dr. David Cifu speaks to Gen. James E. Cartwright at a Richmond VA hospital.

VA suspends prostate cancer treatment programs at four hospitals

Nuclear Regulatory Commission is examining radiation dosing problems.

OMB official says presidential candidates briefed extensively on transition

Both McCain and Obama said to be “exceptionally prepared” for administration switch.

DHS secretary pushes industry to invest in cybersecurity

Plans to beef up protection hinge on private sector -- which owns most of the nation’s infrastructure.

Going Obama's Way

If the economy remains the focus over the next month, the election may get out of McCain's reach.

Financial Services chairman praises GAO for oversight of rescue plan

Watchdog agency has assembled a team of nearly 20 in-house professionals to help oversee the program.

Bush signs defense authorization bill

Law authorizes a 3.9 percent military pay raise.

Preparing for the Transition: Dos and Don’ts

A former government executive lists what career professionals should -- and shouldn’t -- do when a new administration comes to Washington.

Philadelphia-based consultant buys McConnell International

Clinton Rubin purchases federal consulting firm founded by former OMB tech chief in a move to enter stable federal market.