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Federal money managers see positive investment returns

Chief financial officers have made substantial progress in reconciling the government’s books, but serious problems remain.

Report: Progress mixed on tracking IT equipment

Agencies are taking a proactive approach to IT asset management, but lack proper funding.

From Nextgov.com: Military Health System plans to ‘evolve’ electronic record system

Agency will work on converged evolution of VA and Defense systems.

Democratic leaders weigh defense bill as vehicle for continuing resolution

Congressional aides noted that President Bush would not be able to veto the defense measure, making it an attractive option.

Trade groups ask Congress to delay cargo security rule

Rule would require manufacturers to submit 10 new categories of data on cargo containers before they are shipped to the United States by sea.

Judiciary chairman wants to talk with former OSC deputy

Jim Byrne, outgoing aide to embattled Special Counsel Scott Bloch, has said Bloch's failure to resign is hurting the agency.

Senate panel moves military construction spending bill

Bill would provide a total of $119.7 billion, of which $73 billion is discretionary funding, $3.65 billion over President Bush's request.

Pressure builds on Special Counsel chief to resign

A grand jury in Washington probing Scott Bloch has subpoenaed at least 17 current and former OSC employees and heard testimony from several.

Chertoff defends border actions, calls for immigration bill

DHS chief says a guest-worker program would help stem the flow of illegal immigrants across the nation's Southern border.

Navy's fighter jet shortage may be worse than expected

To minimize the size of the shortfall, the service hopes to get 10,000 flight hours out of each of its Hornets.