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The Chemistry Experiment

The story isn't what Hillary Clinton did wrong but what Barack Obama did right.

OMB indicates some ozone documents may be privileged

House chairman issues subpoena; dispute could lead to a legal showdown if the sides cannot reach an accommodation.

Panelists: Telework can improve management

Talented employees will produce whether they’re working at home or in the office, officials say.

FDA chief defends agency's work before House panel

Administrator says foreign-inspection system would not have prevented the recent heparin contamination.

Lawmaker to oppose domestic add-ons to war funding bill

Senate Democrat says he hopes to avoid any "unnecessary disruptions," including a possible veto, in enacting the spending bill.

Gates tells military services to prepare for unconventional wars

Officers must “tell blunt truths” to civilian leaders, Defense secretary advises cadets at West Point.

DHS wants airlines to collect foreign passengers’ photos, fingerprints

Carriers say proposed rule is too costly and forces them to perform what should be a governmental function.

Rule change could bar tax delinquents from contracts

Unlike House legislation, new regulation does not require contracting officers to verify debt status.

Administration hopes to leave performance management legacy

Critics are questioning the motives behind an executive order to improve government effectiveness.

DHS employees: Mission is important, but management is not so good

Survey shows widespread distrust of leadership and fairness in promotions.