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Defense audit agency rapped by senators, whistleblowers

DCAA director testifies to Senate panel that agency’s problems are ‘unacceptable.’

House Democrats slam Bush administration for failure to comply with 9/11 act

Homeland Security Committee’s ranking Republican calls the report a “political stunt.”

Plotting an Endgame

Parties race to find winning strategies in two-month dash to Election Day.

Administration threatens veto of Senate defense measure

White House vows to scrap Defense authorization bill if it includes language prohibiting the use of private security contractors for any 'inherently governmental' security functions in combat zones.


Lieberman shunned, oversight panel post in peril

Democrats say they were "disappointed" by the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee chairman's speech at the Republican convention.

Senate panel to hear from auditors at troubled Defense agency

Session will focus on allegations that DCAA relies too heavily on arbitrary job performance metrics.

Budget office projects record $438 billion deficit

Figure could end up rising if the operations of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are included.

NRC to examine radiation treatment program at Veterans Affairs

Discovery of multiple cases of radiation underdosing at VA Medical Center in Philadelphia triggers probe.

Democrats and Republicans voice different views on government

Convention rhetoric draws the usual battle lines between the two parties on government’s role, but both McCain and Obama acknowledge its significant impact on the public.

House Democrats press FBI on 2001 anthrax attacks, security guidelines

Lawmakers also questioned whether the agency failed to help prevent the nation's mortgage crisis.