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White House urged to punish GSA chief to 'fullest extent'

Letter to President Bush on Lurita Doan's potential Hatch Act violation says she failed to cooperate fully with investigation.

Official says GovWorks can handle loss of Defense business

Newly restricted purchases made up more than half of contracting shop’s business, director says.

Appropriator unveils plan to publish earmarks for all to criticize

House members would have an opportunity to review and register objections to potential earmarks before conference negotiations begin.

Air Force officials seek debarment of body armor maker

Debarments of defense contractors are rare; they usually last three years at most, but that would be a blow to the maker of flexible Dragon Skin armor.

Lawmaker backs model hobbyists in dispute with Defense firms

Rep. Robert Andrews, D-N.J., says taxpayers should own rights to designs of military hardware.

NASA inspector general rejects allegations, claims independence

Commerce IG retires in face of three ongoing investigations.

Firm outlines steps to successful workforce reforms

Agencies implementing pay for performance need to focus more on how to handle subpar workers, consultant says.

Survey finds increased satisfaction with federal benefit programs

The Thrift Savings Plan, employee and retiree health benefits and retirement annuities fare the best.

Agriculture technology chief to leave at end of month

David Combs managed USDA’s $2 billion technology budget, covering 29 agencies and offices nationwide.

GSA announces new purchase card providers

Cards will have features to enhance oversight, such as automatic e-mail notification of purchases to supervisors.