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Navy must start asking Congress for more money, says analyst

The service has been mum on extra funding needs for shipbuilding; inaccurate cost estimates are undermining credibility with lawmakers.

Analysts urge fine-tuning of performance measurement systems

Effort to link results to budget decisions questioned.

General: Army reliance on National Guard won't diminish

A larger force will mean more time at home between overseas missions for all active and reserve combat units.

Senator to consider pursuing bill to keep military equipment production in U.S.

Washington Democrat's comments came after hearing aerospace suppliers' complaints about the Air Force's controversial refueling tanker contract.

Panel urges new administration to go slow on pay reform

Government workforce gurus offer their two cents on federal pay scale, contracting.

Oversight committee asks Defense for information on electrical systems contracts

Solider was killed when an improperly grounded electric water pump sent a current into water he was using while showering.

Collaboration essential to overcoming skepticism about shared services, report says

Agencies still hesitant about funding and reluctant to share data, according to IT officials.

GAO: Major defense contracts cheaper to cancel than continue

Watchdog finds that even after termination costs are factored in, it’s generally less expensive to end an unneeded program than to keep paying for it.

EPA and Energy launch national program to reduce data center energy use

Growing appetite for energy threatens stability of the electric grid.

Intel CIO aims to cut years out of IT buying process

Operations at various intelligence agencies also must be centralized to improve information sharing, says Dale Meyerrose.