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DHS presses ahead with plan to use Social Security records to enforce immigration laws

Critics say move will harm legal workers and the economy without solving illegal immigration problem.

IRS failed to adequately protect its networks, IG reports

Security lapses with routers and switches left taxpayer information open to possible access.

IBM suspension lifted

Agencies can resume awarding contracts for products and services from the company.

Officials blast FAA relationship with airlines

IG recommends an independent body to investigate concerns and rotation of inspectors to prevent close relationships.

State Department calls arms dealers’ disadvantaged status ‘coding error’

Suspended Defense contractor was designated as small and disadvantaged, but federal officials say it was never officially classified as such.

Inspector general notes moderate progress at FEMA

IG says agency has made improvements, but not "substantial" ones, in eight of nine of the most important preparedness areas.

Much-derided overseas contracting loophole to be closed

OMB says the exemption was included in draft regulations because they were based on a decades-old Defense Department rule.

Census to scrap handheld computers for 2010 count

Increased costs and performance issues lead to Commerce secretary’s decision, which will cost the bureau up to $3 billion.

GSA now says resellers not affected by IBM suspension

Federal contractors can continue to sell IBM products under their own contracts.

General says Army needs to reduce combat tours in Iraq

Army vice chief of staff nominee says a maximum of 12 months is the goal.