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Ex-State officials allege corruption cover up

Critics have suggested the agency has not pushed anticorruption efforts to avoid hurting relations with the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

Upset Republicans

Recent special elections for House seats have sent a message to Republicans.

Agencies need better welcome wagon for new employees, report says

Government should embrace long-term orientation process to increase retention and performance.

Management score card showing more top grades

Half of agencies’ ratings are green on latest traffic light-style assessment.

FCC chairman pushes reform agenda amid congressional inquiry

Kevin Martin, under pressure from a House committee, makes the agency more transparent.

From Nextgov.com: FBI partially blames procurement rules for fake IT products

Pursuit of lowest price and multiple subcontractors makes it easier for counterfeit hardware to end up on agency systems, increasing security threats.

Defense to review 'unnecessary duplication' among services

Critics have complained that vast sums of money are wasted due to the military operating four air forces, two land armies and overlapping intelligence and space programs.

OPM employee pitches winning idea in federal contest

A member of Gen ‘Y’ devises an online career quiz to match job seekers with the right government gig.

GAO: Homeland Security lacks adequate workforce for performance-based acquisitions

Half of the major service contracts studied experienced cost overruns, schedule delays or did not meet expectations.

From NextGov.com: NAPA launches collaboration Web site

The Collaboration Project aims to attract leaders to use interactive social tools "to solve government's complex problems."