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Energy Department revises cost estimate for Yucca Mountain project

Nevada nuclear waste repository will come with a price tag of more than $90 billion.

From Nextgov.com: Congress pushes DHS for national emergency communications plan

Department may have to delay state grants to make first responder communications interoperable.

Surveys show federal managers face major hurdles trying to do their jobs

Most respondents say government is less capable now than in the past.

McCain, Obama share some views on security

Both want more troops on the ground and both reject many of President Bush's policies; differences emerge on nuclear weapons, defense spending and the priority placed on the war in Afghanistan.

Navy to reserve work for firms in 8(a) program

More than 240 small disadvantaged businesses will compete for multiple award contracts.

New HUD secretary rallies employees

Steve Preston is boosting spirits through gestures such as eating lunch in the cafeteria with employees.

Defense official says tanker deal may fall behind schedule

The goal is still to make an award by the end of the year, but protests or proposals to use a different aircraft could cause delays.

Senator holds out hope for finishing spending bills

Appropriations chairman encourages Senate leaders to finish work on the bills, despite a growing consensus that a stopgap measure will be necessary.

Grand jury probe of Iraq inspector general ends without indictment

Federal prosecutors had been investigating allegations by former office employees that Stuart Bowen and his deputy signed off on improper monitoring of employee e-mails.

Republican lawmaker gets riled over idling government cars

In a letter to President Bush, Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa decries the Washington practice of leaving federal vehicles running while waiting for prominent passengers.