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House sends defense bill back to committee for revision

Revised authorization bill contains policy initiatives aimed at beefing up oversight of the Defense Department and contractors.

Competition heats up for Air Force refueling tanker deal

Companies make a final push as decision on the $40 billion contract approaches.

Missing e-mails should be on backup tapes, White House CIO says

Watchdog organizations continue to raise questions about Bush administration records preservation.

Chertoff to defy Congress with new border-crossing ID rules

DHS chief also says the department will begin preparations to limit the types of documents that can be used to prove citizenship.

Official: Critics of driver's license standards are off base

DHS issued final regulations for states to implement the so-called REAL ID Act last week.

Agencies are cautious of software accessed online

The Bush administration is now endorsing hosted software for agency use.

Defenders, attackers of women’s contracting regulations square off

SBA, Justice officials defend proposed rule requiring agencies to prove underrepresentation before setting aside contracts.

A Strange Game of Hearts

Each party's primary contest has political analysts scratching their heads.

EPA's move to 'modernize' libraries spurs concerns

Congress has ordered agency to restore network of libraries that had been closed or consolidated.

FDA affirms cloned animal safety but objections raised

Agency will not require labeling of clone-derived milk and meat because the agency determined safety concerns are no different than traditional food.