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Agencies mobilize assistance for wildfire victims

Efforts to disburse aid are running smoothly, but the extent of the need remains to be seen.

Dems aim to pass spending combo by Veterans Day

The timing under consideration would give President Bush only a few days to react to “mini-bus” appropriations bill before stopgap measure expires.

White House official explains climate change edits

Explanation comes before deadline to deliver the original testimony to the House Science Committee, which is investigating examples of scientists being censored.

Lawmakers of both parties seek to avoid government shutdown

Democrats and Republicans are worried such a debacle would prove they can’t get their job done at a time when Congress’ approval ratings are already low.

Dems ponder sending massive spending measure to Bush

Strategy would put the president in the position of having to veto a $670 billion package that includes Defense spending over $10 billion added for education, health and welfare.

GAO sees progress, ongoing problems in DHS cargo program

The department is running the risk of further cost overruns and schedule delays in project to upgrade processing system, watchdog says.

Dems rail against editing of climate change testimony

House lawmaker says he will reintroduce a bill intended to prevent political meddling with the assessments of government scientists.

Conferees split over language on aerial refueling services

Official says Air Force supports running a study on leasing commercial services, provided there’s no pressure to act before the concept has been fully vetted.

Judiciary panel moves Coast Guard reauthorization bill

Measure would allow more money for the troubled Deepwater modernization project, but would set stricter management requirements.

Travel policies temporarily loosened in Southern California

GSA revises per diem for food and housing, relaxes regulations on fuel. Wildfire response photo gallery