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Congressional committees weigh budget process issues

Statutory deadline for completion of a budget resolution is April 15.

Career officials called key to management reform initiatives

High-level attention needs to translate into long-term buy-in by civil servants, observers say.

Housing inspector general finds backdated records in employee detail case

Inquiry is the latest problem to bedevil HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson.

Bush targets contract oversight provisions

President declares he might not implement certain measures included in 2008 Defense authorization bill.

State and local governments boost GSA schedule technology purchases

Sales of wireless services and green computing products lead to big increase in orders.

Republican congressman indicted in federal probe of Arizona land-swap deal

The FBI conducted a raid in April on a business owned by Rep. Rick Renzi's wife.

Big-ticket items will crowd Senate's pre-Easter schedule

Legislature to address Iraq war, fiscal 2009 budget resolution and mortgage reform.

Grand jury in probe of Iraq reconstruction watchdog issues subpoenas

At least three former senior agency officials subpoenaed in investigation of alleged misconduct by Stuart Bowen.

Veterans Affairs aims to update and centralize IT systems

One goal is to ensure the same level of care at any of its hospitals nationwide, officials say.

Link between programs’ funding, performance ratings is tenuous

Analysis finds that more than 70 percent of programs slated for cuts in the Bush administration’s fiscal 2009 budget proposal were rated as “adequate” or better.