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TSA extends whistleblower protections

Unions say agreement with Merit Systems Protection Board doesn’t go far enough.

Panel prepares to move bill to bolster False Claims Act

Move would have significant effect on federal contractors, whistleblowers and trial lawyers.

House panel probes quality of Army recruits

Lawmakers say administration's reliance on supplemental funding makes recruiting more difficult.

Closing In

Barack Obama is headed toward the Democratic nomination, unless Hillary Clinton can win big on Mar. 4.

Probe of FDA gets more support from key lawmakers

GAO will study FDA's staff and resource needs.

House panel urges faster deportation of jailed illegal immigrants

ICE chief says agency is charging more imprisoned immigrants with deportable offenses.

Senate Armed Services chairman: Army funding requests might fall short

Army officials say they need $260 billion to $270 billion annually through fiscal 2011 to pay war bills.

Congress continues probe into missing e-mails

House lawmakers wrangle over whether White House conducted government business from political e-mail accounts.

House panel weighs contracting reform legislation

Bills would create a performance database, require disclosure of executive compensation and bar firms with delinquent tax bills.

High court mulls state courts' role in FDA product cases

Justices argue expanded state role could interfere with the agency's authority to police the industry.