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Budget analysts put price tag on TSA pay overhaul

About 36,000 TSA workers would receive raises averaging $1,700 under a bill that would move employees to the General Schedule and grant them collective bargaining rights, CBO estimates.

Senior agency leaders focus on measuring success of their programs

Labor, Agriculture, Veterans Affairs officials work to develop meaningful performance metrics.

Mixed Messages

The RNC chairman's pledge to preserve Medicare is incompatible with his party's visions of sweeping change.


Energy, Treasury announce first clean energy project awards

Recovery Act program is expected to provide $3 billion in cash assistance for qualifying companies.

Watchdog alleges abuses of Afghanistan security contract

Employees of contractor claim co-workers engaged in lewd behavior jeopardizing the security of the U.S. embassy in Kabul.

Civilian agency contract spending continues to climb

As purchases balloon, the president orders up a procurement overhaul.

OMB Director Peter R. Orszag

Many Recovery Act contracts fall into high-risk category

Cost-reimbursement agreements are prevalent, despite OMB’s warning about potential for waste and abuse.

White House, scientists discuss biological threats

Meeting could be the first in a series of talks designed to inform the administration's evolving strategy on bioterrorism.

From Nextgov.com: NASA could outsource flights and insource IT

While budget woes leave future space missions in question, the department’s cloud computing programs could help curb costs.

CBP to continue searches of travelers’ laptops

Homeland Security’s new policy does not require reasonable suspicion, to the dismay of civil liberties groups.