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Center of Power

Senate Democrats won’t be able to overcome filibusters without the help of their middle-of-the-road colleagues.

Obama’s pick for Education secretary garners widespread praise

Arne Duncan is admired for his willingness to undertake tough reforms and for his ability to work with teachers unions.

From Nexgov.com: AT&T to offer secure Internet connections under federal telecom contract

GSA announced AT&T has been awarded the first such contract via the Networx Universal telecommunications program.

Jury deliberates in Safavian case

Trial ends without attorneys for former top Bush administration procurement official calling any witnesses to the stand.

Obama's HUD nominee draws praise from all sides

Advocacy groups, legislators welcome Shaun Donovan.

Holder hearing, bailout might spoil bipartisan start in '09

Aides expect the Senate to expedite stimulus package, most Cabinet nominations and legislation to reauthorize the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

Budget analyst: Recent funding approach masks true costs of war

Use of supplemental budget requests makes congressional oversight more difficult, report says.

From Nextgov.com: HHS head calls for voluntary e-health privacy guidelines

Leavitt says government mandates for guarding private medical information in personal electronic records could stymie the adoption of e-health record systems nationwide.

GOP fires salvos over attorney general nomination, January hearing

Republican senators fault Judiciary Committee leader for moving quickly on hearing, despite a request from the panel's ranking member for more time to review background documents.

Former patent officials say backlog should become a top priority

The Patent and Trademark Office has 700,000 applications in need of processing, not including those currently being reviewed.