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Agencies' management grades continue to rise

In latest Bush administration score card, three agencies reach highest grades possible, 87 percent rate at least moderately acceptable.

House chairman compiling list of IGs' unused recommendations

Lists to be used as tool for aggressive oversight of Bush administration.

Lockheed-Boeing bomber partnership draws interest

Air Force chief calls next-generation bomber one of his top priorities.

Senators push to scrap limits on women's procurement program

Small Business Administration’s definition of underrepresentation would bar thousands of eligible firms from set-asides, lawmakers say.

Stimulating Bipartisanship

Economic worries have sent congressional Democrats and Republicans scrambling to the center to pass a stimulus package.

GAO chief reprises warning of unsustainable deficits

David Walker tells Senate Budget Committee that "the passage of time only serves to worsen this situation."

IRS nominee faces tough questions from Senate panel

Potential commissioner promises to work closely with Finance Committee on overhaul of the tax code.

Bush orders agencies to ignore earmarks

Move affects only those included in committee reports rather than the text of legislation; analysts question whether president’s overall earmark reduction effort will work.

Bush's plan to halve earmarks getting mixed reviews

Executive order will direct federal agencies to ignore future earmarks that are added in report language rather than actual legislation.

Panel may issue subpoenas related to FDA drug approval

Move is part of investigation into whether pharmaceutical company knew of critical integrity problems in clinical trial data.