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OMB announces new cap on executive compensation costs in federal contracts

Fiscal 2008 cap nearly $15,000 higher than last year.

Justice Department grant process gets Waxman's attention

Reports allege the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention awarded noncompetitive grants.

NIH told patients about security breach weeks after incident

Stolen laptop contained personal information of 2,500 patients enrolled in a study.

Judge advances anthrax vaccine refusal case

Pentagon must reconsider exonerating two military pilots discharged after resisting inoculations prior to FDA approval.

Coast Guard seeks to identify staffing shortfalls, fill gaps

Service needs congressional authorization for requested organizational changes.

Independent panel recommends tighter access to radioactive materials

Stricter licensing process would reduce vulnerability to terrorism.

House GOP eager to strip debarment provision from contracting bill

Controversial amendment could prevent some major contractors from earning future government work, critics say.

Contract award protests charging conflicts of interest on the rise

As agencies rely more on outside contractors to evaluate bids, GAO sees more complaints about bias.

Passport system breach highlights shortcomings in agency privacy practices

House chairman seeks names of State Department contractors fired for inappropriately accessing presidential candidates’ files.

Public satisfaction with e-government hits lowest level since 2005

Rising user expectations rather than a decline in service could account for lower score.