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Commander agrees with decision to delay new bomber

Holding off until the Pentagon finishes negotiating changes to the 1992 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty makes sense, officer says.


Obama signs landmark public service bill

President calls for boost in community service, saying government can’t meet all of country’s challenges.

Lawmaker proposes funding for states to oversee stimulus

House committee chairman will introduce bill to provide money, separate from the pool of $787 billion recovery funds, to state watchdogs.

Lawmakers get back to work on fiscal 2010 budget blueprint

Congress also will look into the Obama administration's $83.4 billion war supplemental request.

Immigration adviser faces learning curve

Aide says she is spending a lot of time out in the field touring detention facilities and learning the strengths of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Obama's USDA picks might signal revamped priorities

Nominations indicate that nutrition and agricultural research will become more of a focus.

Senior official calls DDG-1000 destroyer deal good for taxpayers

Previous plan to split construction of three DDG-1000s between two shipyards would have been "horribly inefficient," Defense acquisition chief says.

Republicans scoff at Obama's call for spending cuts

The $100 million the president is seeking in savings is trivial compared to the trillions his budget request would add to the debt, GOP lawmakers say.

Enthusiastic federal employees could save government money

Panelists say programs that make workers feel more engaged in their jobs could provide tangible benefits to agencies.

Private sector experience could serve performance czar well

Jeffrey Zients was successful at firms that conduct customized research on best practices in health care and financial management.