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The Democrats' Advantages

The Democrats have money and history on their side going into the general election.

Speaker calls for review of Air Force tanker contract

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., joined an increasing number of lawmakers expressing concern over contract.

More records behind no-bid contract sought by House committee

Oversight committee continues to probe $39 million no-bid contract Homeland Security awarded for electricity grid in New York City.

Central Command fields queries on troop levels from Senate Armed Services Committee

Lawmakers concerned over what they view as a deteriorating military and political situation in Afghanistan.

Federal coordinator for Gulf Coast recovery to step down

Donald Powell pushed for accountability and efficiency in rebuilding effort.

Congressman weighs options to undo refueling tanker contract

California Republican may use fiscal 2009 defense authorization bill to overturn Air Force decision to award multi-billion contract to Northrop Grumman and EADS.

OMB chief threatens vetoes before Dem budgets unveiled

House and Senate committees plan to mark up the fiscal 2009 budget resolution this week.

Clinton supports bill to ban use of State Department private security contractors

Democratic presidential hopeful wants diplomatic security in Iraq and Afghanistan handled by federal personnel.

Social Security chief calls eliminating backlog a ‘moral imperative’

Commissioner cites hiring more judges, congressional budget approval as key to reducing disability hearings backlog.

OPM sets new funding mechanism for executive boards

Agency also issues more than 100 goals for improving hiring and benefits processes.