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EEOC commissioner pushes hiring of people with disabilities

Such employees represent less than 1 percent of the federal workforce, and less than 0.5 percent of positions above GS-15.

House Dems accuse White House of censoring federal scientists

Top officials said to exert unusual control over public statements of federal scientists on climate change issues.

Critics say problems at State IG's office will persist

The organization's budget had fallen in real terms by about 6 percent since 2001, even as State's overall budget grew by 50 percent.

Intelligence contract recompete could be lucrative for several firms

New report indicates that the ICE2 follow-on could be a multiple award worth up to $2.25 billion.

Justice details grants to help victims of ID theft

Program is intended to expand existing services and strengthen law-enforcement response.

Oversight committee asks OSC's Bloch to explain deleted files

OPM inspector general has sought the files for its two and a half year-old probe.

War funding measure likely to move without strings

Move is major reversal for Democrats, demonstrating how far they are willing to go to secure a budget deal.

Democrats seek probe into destruction of CIA videotapes

CIA director told agency employees that the tapes were made in 2002 and destroyed in 2005.

House Democrats toughen omnibus' Pentagon provisions

Overall, the bill totals well over $500 billion and covers 15 Cabinet agencies for the fiscal year.

White House, Democratic leaders begin budget talks

Appropriations committees plunge ahead on massive omnibus spending bill for consideration next week.