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Bush budget lists programs slated for cuts

Starving underperforming programs would save government billions, OMB says.

White House, Senate majority leader continue battle over stalled nominees

The Senate has yet to confirm Bush's FEC and assistant attorney general choices.

Oversight committee chairman says EPA proposal threatens air quality at parks

Rule would allow consideration of emissions rates from proposed power plants on an average annual basis.

GSA chief accuses oversight panel of mishandling IG probe

Lurita Doan says whistleblower allegations against the agency's inspector general were dismissed without a substantive investigation.

Administration defends proposed FOIA change

Senators say effort to move an oversight office from the National Archives to the Justice Department is an attempt to undo recent legislation.

The Middle Man

In politics, like in nature, something always fills a vacuum.

Senator says White House is trying to undermine FOIA law

President's budget calls for shifting recently created FOIA oversight office from the National Archives to the Justice Department.

New campaign introduces students to public service

Partnership for Public Service helps schools get the word out about careers in federal government.

Budget breakdown: How agencies, programs fared

Winners and losers in President Bush's fiscal 2009 budget proposal.

GSA seeks funding boost for DHS headquarters project

Discretionary budget to more than double to cover costs for the proposed 1.2 million-square-foot facility.