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Capitol Hill forecast: Even less legislative agreement

End-of-session acrimony that marked 2007 appears likely to carry over in 2008.

FAA, controllers union to hold second meeting on safety issues

Get-togethers could be sign that relationship between management, union, is improving.

New rule on women-owned small business contracting draws fire

Small Business Administration proposal would limit set-asides to only four industries.

Census program to use handheld computers said to be in ‘serious trouble’

Analysis recommends agency develop contingency plan to use paper forms.

President signs $516 billion omnibus spending bill

Measure includes 3.5 percent pay increase for white-collar federal employees, enhanced benefits.

Spending bill puts restrictions on FBI case management project

Funding partially withheld until agency reports on independent reviews of Sentinel program.

As military begins to draw down, National Guard ramps up

Overall force levels in Iraq returning to pre-surge levels, but Guard units are mobilizing in large numbers.

Probe of HUD chief heats up

Contracting decisions and deputy chief of staff remain at center of investigation.

Federal tech spending gets more scrutiny

Omnibus spending bill would impose new reporting requirements on "centers of excellence" -- operations within one agency that handle back-office functions for several agencies.

Pork reigns supreme at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue

Presidential earmarks number 1,648 for a total of $16.38 billion, while Congressional earmarks total $15.33 billion.