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Commander says surge can be done quickly

Air Force Gen. Duncan McNabb says the military successfully moved almost the same number of personnel into the country this year.

Panel unveils deficit commission bill

Legislation would establish an 18-member bipartisan commission to make recommendations to Congress on how to cut the deficit.

Expanding mission of State’s Diplomatic Security Bureau concerns lawmakers, GAO

With bigger role and more dangerous posts, security service struggles to balance reliance on contractors.

Obama's Dec. 9 order is similar to a Clinton mandate.

Obama creates labor-management council

The executive order does not include expanded bargaining power favored by unions.

A Loyal Following

Obama’s backers are dogged in their support of him.

House may move soon on first of two omnibus measures

Package is expected to be attached to Transportation-HUD spending legislation and to include five other non-defense appropriations bills.

GOP senators: $7 billion wasted in stimulus

Sen. John McCain blames insufficient provisions for oversight, cost control and competition.

Indian trust fund lawsuit settlement proposed

Deal would set up a $2 billion fund to consolidate tribal and individual lands which may have hundreds of owners with fractional ownership interests.

SBA braces for flood of feedback on 8(a) rule changes

About 200 people are expected to attend Washington meetings on a proposal that would change requirements for Alaska native firms and others.

OMB chief Peter Orszag issued the memo on behalf of President Obama.

Open government directive sets tight deadlines

Agencies must deliver on several initiatives in key Obama administration effort.