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Appropriator outlines fast pace for remaining spending bills

Anticipated debates over a new farm bill and reauthorizing the State Children's Health Insurance Program will compete for time with the spending measures.

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Money Isn’t Everything

Impressive fundraising won’t necessarily translate to presidential hopeful Barack Obama winning the Democratic nomination.

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Nominee to direct OMB may get hearing this month

Budget panel will consider the nomination if it gets the appropriate documents, chairman says.

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Congress left with few easy paths on spending bills

Democrats will have trouble meeting their goal of passing 12 fiscal 2008 appropriations measures individually and on time.

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Employee tried to mask extent of latest VA data breach

“Panicked” IT specialist lied to investigators looking into the loss of a hard drive with personal data on about 1.5 million people, IG says.

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Homeland Security faces continued vacancies in high-level jobs

Congressional report says gaps threaten security, continuity of government; agency says it already is focused on filling positions.

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Interior Department unveils new ethics plan

Greater transparency needed to solve agency’s problems, watchdog groups say.

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Audit finds FEMA laptops lack proper security settings

Sensitive data could be at risk, inspector general finds in review of 298 laptops.

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Senate prepares to tackle Defense authorization and Iraq

House will wait to take up remaining spending bills because panel is still working on a list of earmarks attached.

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Polling Trends

The Democratic presidential contest has been stable for months, but the Republican field remains volatile.

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