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Lieberman vote to come Tuesday

Senate Democrats will cast secret ballots over lawmaker's fate as Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee chairman.

Nonprofits urge Obama to focus on program performance

Coalition also calls for more investment in human resources and the strategic use of technology to enhance service delivery.

Blackwater confirms probes of overseas arms shipments

Company denies report that employees hid weapons in sacks of dog food.

Obama administration faces hard choices in managing ground troops

Organization and equipment challenges bedevil Army, Marine Corps and special operations forces, new reports say.

Neil Barofsky is currently an assistant U.S. Attorney overseeing the mortgage-fraud group.

Bailout watchdog nominee touts experience

Senators aim to wrap up confirmation by the end of the week.

Patent office cites progress in breaking application logjam

Agency's year-end numbers indicate it exceeded some of its targets.

Good government groups give Obama transition high marks

Nonprofit leaders praise team members, and roll out their own agendas.

Senators move swiftly on nominee to oversee bailout

The new IG would be separate from the Treasury Department and would be required to make regular reports to Congress.

Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va.

Davis to join consulting firm

Leading House Republican on procurement issues announced retirement earlier this year.

Federal CFOs could be key players in Obama administration

Finance executives from the private sector will have a lot to learn about federal operations.