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Aides: Catch-all spending bill delayed until next week or later

Democractic leaders are focusing on the economic stimulus package.

McCain drops objections to Defense nomination

Nominee for Pentagon's number two civilian slot is an ex-lobbyist for Raytheon.

Agencies struggle to make connections online

The biggest problem facing most departments isn't the trap of outdated regulations but the failure to attract an audience.

Commission on wartime contracting hears advice from special IG

Recommendations include publishing new regulations for contingency environments and building pools of pre-qualified contracting officers and contractors.

From Nexgov.com: Daschle received speaking fees from groups opposing patient privacy

HHS secretary nominee is tied to groups opposing privacy protections in economic stimulus bill.

Democrats seek quick replacement of top Army Corps officials

Letter alleges current leadership is too closely aligned with corporate interests.

Senators demand answers from Defense nominee

Lawmakers criticize Bill Lynn's responses to questions on his former lobbying for contractor and his role as Pentagon comptroller under Clinton.


SSA chief says financial crisis is increasing claims backlog

Commissioner blames the tough economy for inflating the disability claims caseload by 10 percent.

State Department could replace Blackwater

The private security contractor has been denied a license to operate in Iraq, and State will not renew the firm’s contract when it expires in May 2009.

Aviation industry to seek funds for air cargo screening

Groups estimate that as much as $4 billion will be needed over 10 years to cover the costs of the 100-percent screening mandate.