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Motion filed for additional archiving in search for missing White House e-mails

Independent organization claims Bush official contradicted herself.

Starting Line

Hillary Clinton's decisive victory in Ohio shifted the momentum yet again in the Democratic race--and prolongs the fight to the finish.

Senior administration officials refuse to join hearing on signing statements

House panel had asked representatives from the Defense and Justice departments to testify on the effect of President Bush's statement on fiscal 2008 defense authorization bill.

House chairman asks agencies to probe Blackwater

At issue is whether the company can declare that its security guards are independent contractors, not employees.

Democrats pledge to raise issue of Iraq waste, mismanagement

Senate appropriators suggested they would use the information to fight Bush's $102.5 billion supplemental request for the war.

Senate budget would boost advance appropriations by $4 billion

Fiscal 2009 budget resolution estimates total discretionary spending is $22 billion more than President Bush's proposal.

Senator condemns Army response to unsafe water in Iraq

A March 7 inspector general report says former Halliburton subsidiary did not follow Army standards on water quality.

Draft rule clarifies government’s procurement priorities with respect to small business

Proposal spells out no preference exists when awarding contracts among disadvantaged businesses.

Senate Democrats approve budget on partisan vote

Bush has said he will veto any fiscal 2009 appropriations bills that exceed his overall spending target.

Panel questions e-procurement’s effects on small businesses

House committee skeptical of e-Travel initiative, reverse auctions.