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Congressional Budget Office: Military dependence on supplementals climbing

For fiscal 2009, Pentagon has requested $72 billion in emergency spending for new equipment.

Los Alamos National Lab improves information security

GAO needs more data to determine whether security incidents will continue to decline.

Coalition calls for more Social Security funding and oversight

Groups criticize office closures, Bush funding request.

Pentagon official seeks action on pending fiscal 2008 war supplemental

Delay could hinder the military's ability to operate and sustain its forces.

HHS secretary could be held in contempt for withholding information

House committee pressures FDA to release briefing notes on hearing about controversial new drug.

Pentagon management of multiyear procurements questioned

Defense Department unable to justify savings from using contracts that do not require annual reauthorization, GAO finds.

Defense agency submits blast-proof budget request for White House communications

Proposal includes development of network for president and other top officials that could operate after nuclear blast.

Treasury looking at where rebate checks will go

Department analysis of estimated $112 billion in rebates show largest portion would go to Calif. taxpayers.

RAND study says U.S. lacks resources to defeat insurgencies

Report says government needs to invest billions more annually to improve counterinsurgency operations in Middle East.

Legal pros urge action against security contractors who commit crimes abroad

Panelists note sufficient jurisdiction to prosecute contractors but a lack of political will.