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Federal HR chiefs say they need more resources

Human capital leaders argue that success of the Obama administration will depend in part on workforce management.

Witt dismisses FEMA rumors, calls for national catastrophe program

Former agency director stresses the importance of creating a national approach to disaster protection before the "big one" strikes.

The Palin Question

The difference between the Alaska governor's popularity within and outside the GOP could signal trouble ahead.

Gates stresses nuclear responsibility at Air Force base

A 2007 mishandling of nuclear weapons resulted in disciplinary actions and the resignations of top officials.

Obama bundlers contributing to transition costs

More than half of the $1.17 million already raised has come from 131 boosters donating the maximum amount.

Groups urge Obama to adopt national broadband strategy

Industry partners liken high-speed framework to federal investments in the electrical grid and highway system.

Mid-size contractors feel edged out by small and large companies

More data on midtier companies and a stronger lobby could raise groups’ visibility, say government observers.

Analyst: Obama on track for strong first 100 days

The president-elect has moved quickly to fill positions that are critical to White House operations, transition observer notes.

Obama announces the team, which includes Clinton and Jones.

Obama touts experience, knowledge of security team

President-elect picks Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., to lead State Department and Gen. Jim Jones as national security adviser.

Web sites seek to identify source of hold on bailout IG

If confirmed, Neil Barofsky would be responsible for overseeing use of federal funds for the economic rescue.