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Lieberman renews push for easier access to CRS reports

Over the past decade, a series of bills requiring public access to Congressional Research Service reports has made little progress, but could gain traction with the increased emphasis on government transparency.

Advocates say DHS managers, rank-and-file are dissatisfied with personnel policies

Senior executives are leaving Homeland Security because of inequities in the pay-for-performance system and few opportunities for advancement, say witnesses at a House hearing.

Senate leader set to force end of debate over omnibus spending bill

The continuing resolution funding most government operations expires on Friday.


Obama orders contracting overhaul

The president instructs OMB to clarify the definition of inherently governmental work as part of a broader procurement review.

Senate rejects GOP attempts to cut omnibus funding

Bill would increase spending by about 8 percent, or roughly $30 billion, over fiscal 2008 levels.

Union steps up campaign against outsourcing debt collection

Group is hoping to preserve language in the omnibus spending bill that would bar the IRS from hiring private collection agencies.

White House taps experienced emergency manager to lead FEMA

Craig Fugate, director of the Florida division of emergency management, is well-known in the disaster response community.

GAO: Pentagon needs to better manage battlefield fuel consumption

Curbing the military’s massive appetite for energy could save lives and reduce operational risks.

Senate nixes bid to keep agency funding at 2008 levels

McCain is defeated in his attempt to replace the omnibus spending bill, which would increase spending by about 8 percent, with another continuing resolution.

Energy scrutinizes Los Alamos bookkeeping problems

Personnel cuts, the complex nature of the work and the department’s operation under a continuing resolution contributed to errors.