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Air Force envisions multiyear contract for new tankers

The multiyear buy would not immediately affect Air Force budgets.

Surplus federal computers not reaching rural towns

Advocates push for passage of a bill that would direct federal surplus property to communities in need.

DHS chief defends grant funding, new satellite office

Congress won't see department transition plan before the incoming administration.

First-term House Dems win earmarks while dueling over mantle of reform

Freshmen accounted for $263 million in personal, single-sponsor earmarks.

Federal officials strategize on boosting acquisition workforce

Internships and new training programs are tools agencies hope will attract and retain contracting employees.

Lawmaker: New amphibious ships should be nuclear

Gene Taylor, D-Miss., also repeated his demand that the Marine Corps' Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle be redesigned.

House chairman calls for ban on earmarks in fiscal 2009 spending bills

The rest of the Democratic leadership have largely ignored the GOP's push for earmark reform.

Bush urges federal agencies to purchase from blind, severely disabled

President promotes a federal procurement initiative that provides jobs for disabled Americans.

General bemoans glut of Air Force contract protests

Contract for huge airborne tanker program to be awarded by the end of this month, but commander fears protest against it already has been written.

Size Matters

If each Democratic presidential candidate holds roughly to his or her existing coalition, whose side of the party is bigger?