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Industry says war has hurt military modernization efforts

Aerospace Industry Association cautions against making defense modernization accounts "a bill payer" for domestic programs.

Transportation completes plans to improve airline service

Department would double compensation amount that airlines pay passengers bumped from oversold flights.

Cost estimates for Army equipment repair, upgrades go up by billions

GAO projects total expenditures of at least $190 billion from 2004 to 2013.

House committee approves bill to close contracting loophole

Despite assurances from administration officials that legislative fix is unnecessary, skeptical lawmakers take extra step.

Hill, auditors cross-examine officials about new census plan

GAO skeptical that management changes the bureau took after the failure of a handheld computer contract will ensure a well-run 2010 count.

The GOP's 'Electile Dysfunction'

Even if Republican voters turn out at normal rates for the election, that might not be enough to win.

Nine of 16 agencies cut backlogs of FOIA requests

GAO study says inconsistent data makes progress hard to track.

Private tax collectors under fire by House appropriators

Legislation aimed at halting IRS debt-collecting program is pending now and has failed in the past.

OMB sews shut overseas contracting loophole

Proposed rule, based on similar Defense Department regulations, would have exempted companies working overseas from fraud-reporting requirements.

House passes bill to prevent tax cheats from winning contracts

Contractors would have to certify they do not owe "seriously delinquent" taxes.