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Americans Give Up On Washington

A new national poll shows that Americans now think state and local institutions are best equipped to solve the country’s major problems.

Play of the Day: The President Samples Jay-Z in his Selma Speech

Some of the metaphors Obama used in Alabama sound awfully familiar.

After Rough Week, Senate to Take Bipartisan Turn

Lawmakers lay low after DHS, Iran struggles sparked high emotions.

Play of the Day: An Email Scandal Will Not Stop Hillary Clinton

Also: Late night continues to deconstruct the Justice Department's Ferguson report.

Sen. Orrin Hatch has joined forces with other lawmakers to demand the release of IRS documents.

GOP Tax Panel Chairmen Press for White House Emails in IRS Probe

Hatch and Ryan reiterate concerns about violations of taxpayer privacy.

Play of the Day: Looking at Statistics from the Ferguson Report

The recently-released Justice Department report gets the Comedy Central late-night treatment.

How to End Government Shutdown Threats Forever

Florida lawmaker has a plan to ensure agency funding never expires.

Van Hollen Says He Will Run for Mikulski's Senate Seat

The House member is the first to throw his hat in the ring for the seat representing many federal employees.

Play of the Day: The DEA Warns Against Stoner Bunnies

Late night shows highlight a federal warning against unintended consequences of Utah's forays into medical marijuana.

Personal Email Use Now in Oversight Committee’s Sights

Hearing on Chemical Safety Board could be preview of probe into Hillary Clinton's email at State.