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Play of the Day: Kasich and Cruz Are the Bootleg Wonder Twins

The dynamic duo is taking on Donald Trump, but their powers aren't really strong enough.

The Lesser of Three Evils

Trump, Cruz, and Clinton would be their parties’ most disliked nominees in the history of polling.

Donald Trump and Chris Christie speak to a crowd in Ohio in March.

A Vice Presidential Free-for-All?

How the Republican delegates in Cleveland could nominate Donald Trump but not his chosen running mate.

Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., said one goal of the legislation is to curb “overuse of [FOIA] exemptions to withhold information from the public."

FOIA Reform Appears Close, But Not a Done Deal

Obama team’s past criticisms are aired as House and Senate negotiate final version.

Would Clinton Pick a Female Running Mate?

A top aide to the Democratic frontrunner has said there are women on her short list for VP.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump acknowledges supporters while leaving Trump Tower in New York April 9.

How a President Trump or Clinton Could Upend the Constitution

Presidents Obama and Bush expanded presidential authority significantly. It’s a dangerous precedent.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., attends a press conference in July highlighting the positive aspects of the Affordable Care Act.

How Democrats Would Change Obamacare

If they keep the White House and win the Senate—and don’t have to focus their energy on blocking repeal—Democrats have some things about the Affordable Care Act they’d like to fix.

Many on the Hill Fear a 'Zombie' Congress

Some congressional Republicans want to put an end all lame-duck legislation—lest members yield to the urge “to feast upon the hard-earned tax dollars of the living.”

Play of the Day: More on the Harriet Tubman $20

Jackson and Tubs sounds like a buddy cop movie more than currency design.

Clinton is Stuck In Late-Primary Limbo

With Bernie Sanders sticking around, Clinton’s plans for pivoting to the general are still mostly on hold.