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Unexpected funding cut puzzles Census Bureau's backers

Appropriators cut fiscal 2010 funding by the amount they thought the bureau would have left over from fiscal 2009, but officials already had committed the extra funds to a media campaign.

Acquisition reform recommendations run the gamut

Panelists agree that improving the size, competency of acquisition workforce is the right place to start.

Lawmaker pushes insurance office as part of financial regulatory overhaul

Proposed office would establish federal policy on international insurance matters and advise the Treasury chief on major domestic and international issues.

White House briefs Hill aides on IG dismissal

One staffer says the administration "has been forthcoming" about Gerald Walpin's departure.

Republicans to use authorization markup to mount security offensive

GOP lawmakers criticize Democrats for decreasing missile defense funding over fiscal 2009.

Animal rights views slow OMB regulatory nominee

Case appears to be an example of individual senators with specific, local concerns using their power to hold up a nominee.

OMB will allow agencies to set their own performance priorities

Move shows administration is learning from the mistakes of its predecessors, one observer says.

Obama fires Bush-appointed IG overseeing AmeriCorps

President tells lawmakers he lost confidence in Gerald Walpin; the White House is not providing further details.

Seapower chairman to revise cost cap for littoral ships

Mississippi Democrat wants to take government costs out of the $460 million ceiling.


Acquisition reform group warns government not to rush insourcing

Report says agencies could lose contractors’ valuable skills if conversion is not managed properly.