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Dems weigh adding Homeland Security funds to stimulus

Sources say Coast Guard, TSA and Customs could get hundreds of millions of dollars.

Panel finds erosion of nuclear deterrence mission widespread at Defense

Problems go well beyond recent Air Force failures, but report says Navy has maintained credible stewardship.

Outgoing Bush team sums up management progress

OMB releases three reports, including a final traffic-light-style quarterly management score card and a compilation of performance snapshots from 24 agencies.

Obama: ‘Only government’ can solve nation’s ills

Plan for huge effort to jump-start the economy includes upgrades to 75 percent of federal buildings.

Senators launch earmark reform effort

McCain and Feingold join forces again in support of a major overhaul.

Repeal of terms limits for House chairs irks GOP

Republicans say changes will undercut Obama's efforts at bipartisanship and allow the rise of a tyrannical speaker.


Obama performance czar to wear dual hats

Appointee Nancy Killefer also will hold the title of deputy director for management at OMB.

Minnesota Is No Florida

Thanks to Minnesota’s transparent recount process and thorough planning, the Coleman-Franken controversy isn't likely to become a crisis.

Stimulus price tag might top $1.3 trillion

Measure is expected to include about $500 billion in spending, including funding for road, bridge and school improvements.

OMB director nominee Peter Orszag joins Obama for discussions of the plan.

Obama presses oversight of economic stimulus package

President-elect proposes special board and online database to track implementation.