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White House, Senate committee still at odds over IG bill

OMB chief details concerns about 10 different provisions in legislation to boost inspector general independence.

Official touts Bush's efforts to improve e-government

Deputy e-gov chief says governmentwide Web sites have helped users navigate bureaucratic maze.

GSA watchdog finds himself on other side of misconduct investigation

Former counsel alleges misuse of resources, retaliatory actions against managers at inspector general’s office.

Coast Guard says icebreakers key To U.S. future in Arctic

Area has seen increasingly intense international competition for territorial rights and resources.

House approves revised defense authorization bill

Bill is expected to encounter little opposition in the Senate.

House sends defense bill back to committee for revision

Revised authorization bill contains policy initiatives aimed at beefing up oversight of the Defense Department and contractors.

Competition heats up for Air Force refueling tanker deal

Companies make a final push as decision on the $40 billion contract approaches.

Missing e-mails should be on backup tapes, White House CIO says

Watchdog organizations continue to raise questions about Bush administration records preservation.

Chertoff to defy Congress with new border-crossing ID rules

DHS chief also says the department will begin preparations to limit the types of documents that can be used to prove citizenship.

Official: Critics of driver's license standards are off base

DHS issued final regulations for states to implement the so-called REAL ID Act last week.