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Industry concerned over details of contracting reforms

Contractor groups urge against going overboard on fixed-price contracts and on bringing jobs back in-house.

Missile defense funding debate dominates panel's markup

Republicans attempted to add $1.2 billlion to $9.3 billion request for missile defense programs.

Ousted IG cited for behavior, absences from Washington

White House says Walpin exhibited "behavior that led the Board to question his capacity to serve."

House members ask Obama to bring back labor-management partnerships

Reviving Clinton-era setup would strengthen communication between federal leaders and employee representatives, Democrats say.

Lawmakers continue to pound public-private job competitions

Amendment to Defense authorization bill would suspend Pentagon job contests for three years.

Panel lays groundwork to buy more fighter jets

Defense bill amendment authorizes $369 million for the advance procurement of 12 F-22s in fiscal 2011.

House passes compromise version of wartime supplemental

Conference report wins approval despite Republican objections over IMF funding.


Obama backs extension of benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees

President issues memo granting limited benefits immediately and endorses legislation providing full benefits.

Dream Team

President Obama has assembled a staff that is well-connected on Capitol Hill and aware of past administrations’ mistakes.

Unexpected funding cut puzzles Census Bureau's backers

Appropriators cut fiscal 2010 funding by the amount they thought the bureau would have left over from fiscal 2009, but officials already had committed the extra funds to a media campaign.