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Stimulus guidance calls for more detailed reporting

Subrecipients, vendors will have to provide detailed information on how Recovery Act dollars are spent.

Data shows Alaska native firms do most of their work in other states

Representative of the corporations says it is misleading to focus on where they are based or perform projects.

House turns to Defense authorization, approps bills

Defense measure is expected to pass by a wide margin.

Zients confirmed as OMB’s deputy director of management

Experienced management consultant also will serve as the first-ever chief performance officer.

Obama team reaches new heights in diversity

When Bush holdovers are excluded, white men make up just under half of the people filling senior posts in the administration.

Former Hill staffers keep working with Congress

The administration hopes to forge relationships with lawmakers by seeding departments with Hill aides.

Lieberman: White House was justified in firing AmeriCorps IG

Senator says he is convinced the administration followed "both the spirit and the letter of the law" in notifying Congress about the dismissal of Gerald Walpin.

House passes Commerce-Justice-Science funding bill

Lawmakers approve $64.4 billion appropriations measure after taking a record-breaking 53 votes in one day.

Senate approves $106 billion supplemental conference report

Bill includes $79.9 billion for the wars Afghanistan and Iraq and $10.4 billion for the State Department and foreign operations.

Agency turf battles thwart efforts to combat arms trafficking

ICE and ATF don’t coordinate operations or collect and analyze data effectively, watchdog says.