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Appointee names leak out as agencies gear up for reviews

Obama teams have a handle on the pressing issues, employee groups and executives say.


Towns could face competition for House oversight spot

In a push for key chairmanship, the New York Democrat says he can work across the aisle and set a more constructive tone.

Vendors might have to vouch for product authenticity

Industry views rule to crack down on counterfeit equipment and software as too burdensome.

Lobbyist's work for Obama transition raises concerns over ethics guidelines

Sources say James Halpert, an attorney and registered lobbyist with DLA Piper, is advising on matters related to the Patent and Trademark Office and intellectual property.

Obama urged to make quick decision on fighter jet

New administration will end up costing taxpayers more money if it waits much past Jan. 21 to make the call, Defense acquisition chief says.

Democrats might rewrite contractor law

Critics say the law allows companies to skimp on benefits and dodge tax obligations by classifying workers as independent contractors.

Twenty percent of senior executives unprepared for transition

Some high-level career officials can’t cite any presidential transition activities at their agencies, survey finds.

Obama administration faces daunting energy challenges

Outgoing Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman cites growing demand and urgent need to reduce emissions.

Defense acquisition official gives himself, military low marks

But John Young emphasized that 60 percent to 70 percent of the Pentagon's acquisition programs are run well.

Waxman ousts Dingell for energy and commerce post

The vote opens a vacancy atop the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.