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Subcommittee moves contractor accountability measures

Bill would require GSA to create a list of completed criminal, civil and administrative proceedings involving federal contractors.

Concern raised over Census bid to ease security checks on temp workers

Lawmakers worried that bureau will have to revert to using paper questionnaires for 2010 Census.

Panel questions cost of contractors in war zones

Democrat cites example of defense contract personnel eating in taxpayer-funded facilities at a cost of $14,000 a person.

Agencies to share custom IT security training practices

But lack of requirements could stall efforts.

Contractors are doing core acquisition jobs, Defense official says

Pentagon’s top procurement executive notes danger of outsourcing inherently governmental tasks.

Motion filed for additional archiving in search for missing White House e-mails

Independent organization claims Bush official contradicted herself.

Starting Line

Hillary Clinton's decisive victory in Ohio shifted the momentum yet again in the Democratic race--and prolongs the fight to the finish.

Senior administration officials refuse to join hearing on signing statements

House panel had asked representatives from the Defense and Justice departments to testify on the effect of President Bush's statement on fiscal 2008 defense authorization bill.

House chairman asks agencies to probe Blackwater

At issue is whether the company can declare that its security guards are independent contractors, not employees.

Democrats pledge to raise issue of Iraq waste, mismanagement

Senate appropriators suggested they would use the information to fight Bush's $102.5 billion supplemental request for the war.